No matter what size a business is, it needs to implement powerful endpoint security solutions. The endpoint is the easy way in for cyber criminals to access an organisation’s data and network.


To combat this, WatchGuard has unveiled their latest innovations in Endpoint Security – integrated with WatchGuard Cloud. The solutions are designed to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats.


WatchGuard’s Endpoint Security platform delivers maximum protection with minimal complexity. It offers advanced endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) approaches with a full suite of security and operations tools. This protects people, devices, and the networks they connect to from malicious websites, malware, spam, and other targeted attacks.


It is uniquely powered by automated, AI-driven processes and security analyst-led investigation services. The WatchGuard EPDR and WatchGuard EDR products provide threat hunting services and 100% classification of the applications, certifying the legitimacy and safety of all running applications. This is critical for any company implementing a zero-trust security model.


watchguard endpoint security


The product family features a lightweight agent and is fully managed from the WatchGuard Cloud. There are three solutions available:


WatchGuard Endpoint Protection (WatchGuard EPP) – strong endpoint protection is essential to protect against viruses, malware, spyware, and phishing. Using a comprehensive set of security techniques including signatures, local cache, and even our own proprietary intelligence feeds (derived from the malware previously detected with our EDR products). EPP includes a full range of endpoint protection features, such as antivirus, firewall, device control, and URL filtering. It is built for organisations to protect endpoints on platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux desktops, laptops, servers and virtualised systems. It can also protect data stored on Android smartphones and tablets.


WatchGuard Endpoint Detection and Response (WatchGuard EDR) – responds to known and unknown threats, by providing visibility and controlling applications running on the network. While antivirus and endpoint protection platform products are important, their benefits are limited without continuous monitoring to spot advanced attacks (e.g. APTs, exploits and fileless attacks). Adding WatchGuard EDR on top of an endpoint antivirus solution fills the gaps for comprehensive, effective endpoint security. It features the Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Service.


WatchGuard Endpoint Protection Detection and Response (WatchGuard EPDR) – comprised of EPP + EDR, it is the ultimate bundle for your clients offering both solutions in one package. WatchGuard is known for their layered security approach and EPP/EDR are a very important part of this. As part of the solution, WatchGuard experts are managing the Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Services.


watchguard endpoint security


Key Benefits


  • Simplifies and minimises security costs – reduce the cost of expert staff with no false alerts to manage. It automatically learns from threats, so no times wasted with manual settings. It is managed from the cloud so no infrastructure to maintain; and most importantly, Endpoint performance is not impacted by the lightweight agent and Cloud-native architecture.
  • Automates and reduces detection time – blocks applications that pose a security risk. It blocks the execution of threats (zero-day malware, fileless/malwareless attacks, ransomware, phishing); and detects and blocks malicious in-memory activities (exploits) before it causes damage.
  • Automates and reduces response and investigation time – resolution and response uses forensic information to thoroughly investigate each attack attempt, along with the tools to mitigate its effects. Traceability of each action which facilitates the forensic investigation. It also constantly improves and adjusts security policies, thanks to conclusions from the forensic analysis.


With Endpoint Security now integrated with WatchGuard Cloud, it becomes a single pane of glass to deploy, manage and monitor your clients’ endpoints. WatchGuard continues to work towards migrating all their security products to within the WatchGuard Cloud platform.


WatchGuard Endpoint Security is available to purchase via term licenses, Flexpay MSSP points or Flexpay usage-based subscription licensing (MSP).


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