Whether you want to monitor your customers’ networks to ensure best in class service, or enhance your business by offering monitoring as a service to your customers; PRTG Network Monitor is the easiest way to do it. Now Paessler AG has made PRTG MSP-friendly in all aspects, including a brand new MSP license.

The new MSP license of PRTG Network Monitor supports up to 25,000 sensors over multiple Core Servers and is an Annual Subscription. With the release of the MSP License, Paessler no longer authorise the use of the Unlimited License for MSP purposes (500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 sensor licenses may still be used for MSP purposes).

The MSP License costs $20,923.08 plus GST per annum (at current exchange rates).
Don’t need 25,000 sensors for your MSP practice? – then contact sales to request a pro-rated quote for the number you do require.

If you have already purchased an Unlimited Sensor License for MSP use you may continue to use it for this purpose or you can trade it in on an MSP 25,000 sensor license (contact sales for a quote).

What you get with PRTG? Here are your advantages as an MSP:

  1. Improve service, grow revenue – Know your customers’ networks like nobody else. Thanks to PRTG you can now become your customers’ indispensable IT expert.
  2. Generate revenue with PRTG – PRTG stores all monitoring data which allows for precise long term analysis and to identify network issues before they actually become a problem.
  3. Keep it lean and simple – Benefit from PRTG’s Architecture. Monitor as many customer networks as you want with one license of PRTG using the remote probes feature.
  4. Customize IT – PRTG easily integrates with other tools and solutions to build custom extensions for your customers’ individual hardware and software.
  5. Manage your customers individually – PRTG offers a rights and roles based user management system which gives your customers controlled access to their data.
  6. Avoid red tape, save money – No complicated MSP licensing, no expensive partnership-get any PRTG license and start your MSP monitoring business today.

Full details can be found at: https://www.paessler.com/partners/msp-offering

Download the FREE trial today and see the results for yourself:

If you would like to have further discussions about how PRTG Network Monitor can benefit your MSP business please contact me as below.

Paul Leslie – Business Development Manager
Direct: 0-9-306 0456, Mobile: 0-27-482-1630, E-mail: paul@sofsol.co.nz