Since its launch in late 2019, the OneXafe Solo has been wildly popular with resellers. Many of which were praising its simplicity, ease-of-use and the speed at which backups and restores were done.

Now StorageCraft is adding flexibility to that list of benefits, with a range of new options for different machine types, as well as different Cloud Services bundles.

Previously, each Solo unit included backup protection and Cloud Premium for one machine, in its minimum monthly price. Each subsequent machine backed up by the Solo would also be charged a Cloud Premium subscription per machine.

From 1 July onwards, StorageCraft added the following protection bundles with Solo:

  • Physical, virtual, and workstations with Cloud Plus.
  • Physical, virtual, and workstations with Cloud Basic.
  • Physical, virtual, and workstations without a cloud bundle.

The minimum monthly price still applies, which includes protection for one machine and a Cloud Premium bundle. These new options are available for machines protected beyond the first machine – making it more cost effective and flexible.

Now you can have your critical servers protected and replicated to Cloud Premium, with disaster-recovery features ready at a moment’s notice. You can have your mid-priority servers on Cloud Plus for file/folder recovery, and your workstations on Cloud Basic for offsite replication.

Want to utilise your own off-site storage instead? No problem! You can choose to have your low priority servers or workstations backed up to your NAS or data-centre, while still retaining everything in a single-pane of glass. Continue enjoying the ease-of-use that Solo offers.

Contact us today for more information on these new Solo options (and flexibility), and how it streamlines your business continuity offerings.

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