Find unsecured files and control exponential data growth


Organisations are starting to drown in unstructured data. Many files are often duplicated and even worse – not sufficiently secure. This not only makes your existing storage inefficient, it’s also open to abuse. ManageEngine’s FileAnalysis gives hope. It provides deep insights into enterprise file storage and security.


Specifically, it helps:


  • Delete duplicate files and optimise disk usage.
  • Identify unessential data.
  • Declutter primary storage.
  • Detect overexposed files.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities (such as broken inheritances).
  • List effective permissions to verify least privilege.


You’ll control data growth by removing unnecessary files, and also who has access to the data that remains. The file analysis software gives visibility into data stores to locate at-risk data, and manage inactive data.


Reduce your data storage costs and reclaim storage capacity. Use FileAnalysis to locate and purge redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data. You can also track disk usage patterns, to generate instant alerts when free space falls below a preconfigured limit.


Get storage insights


FileAnalysis locates and deletes stale, duplicate and other unneeded files to optimise disk storage space. You can easily delete non-business files. Simply set it to scan for specific file types or sizes that are unwanted in your organisation e.g. no more hidden, data-hungry movie folders shared amongst the interns.


On the other hand, it also helps identify wanted, yet hidden data. Hidden files in your environment include system files, OS files, and business-critical data.


You can also identify data owners. See the most active users, most common file types, and much more.


Get security insights


Not 100% sure who can access which files? Report on users’ effective access permissions across all files / folders, to prevent privilege abuse. Identify data most vulnerable to security threats (e.g. credit card details), to improve your organisation’s security posture. Get reports identifying users with elevated privileges to files / folders. Then examine each users’ security permissions, and identify who has incorrect access levels to sensitive data. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.


Some folders can be overexposed, with access rights open to everyone or allowing full control access. Understand the implications of such rights – and change as required. FileAnalysis also helps find orphaned data – files owned by inactive, disabled, or deleted users to minimise the risk of privilege misuse. Better still, you can set up notifications for ransomware-infected files in your data. This helps ensure the security of your data silos.


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