Office 365 has revolutionised the business world by making it easier than ever to get access to, and deploy, Microsoft’s popular productivity solutions. It is no wonder that the so many companies have already made (or are considering making) the leap to Office 365. Have you heard of Backup 365?

As Office 365 has grown so has the requirement for backups solutions increased that are capable of pulling and maintaining the data and important information inside an organisations Office 365 instance. This does present some obvious security concerns however, as the backup solution needs to be connected to the respective Office 365 account. So, if someone were to gain access to an account for an Office 365 backup product they can essentially steal the data being managed by that provider.

This is why these backup solutions need to implement basic security procedures to secure the data they help store; like Two-Factor Authentication.

Enter Backup 365 by Manage Protect. It was built from the ground up with MSP’s in mind. This meant having a strong focus on security and supporting 2FA from day one.

Couple this with a unique focus on the Australian and New Zealand markets and Manage Protects existing product suite (MPmail, MParchive, etc) and you have a comprehensive offering to help maintain that all important Office 365 account, from start to finish.

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Manage Protect solutions are available through Soft Solutions. If you have any further questions about the products or pricing, please let our team know.

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