LogMeIn is one of the world’s leading SaaS solutions, with over 14 products in its catalogue today. We are excited to be appointed as New Zealand’s exclusive distributor of LogMeIn’s range. In fact, we are the first territory distributor LogMeIn has ever appointed.

LogMeIn has three key focuses: Communications & Collaboration, Customer Engagement & Support and finally, Identity & Access. With such breadth of capability, we are confident that becoming a channel partner for LogMeIn will create new forms of revenue for your business as well as a fresh story to engage on.

Looking deeper into the three categories:

  • Communications & Collaboration: GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining have long been standards in online/remote meeting collaboration and discussion. Millions of users worldwide choose GoToMeeting to run important internal and external engagements, whilst GoToWebinar is rated #1 for customer satisfaction for event creation.
  • Customer Engagement & Support: This is a relatively fresh, cutting edge division of the LogMeIn portfolio. Their customer engagement tools range from smart/AI driven customer interaction tools for websites, through to remote support, assistance and unattended access.
  • Identity & Access: Perhaps the most high-profile tool within the family, LastPass remains the world’s #1 tool for password management. Whether you’re organizing your digital life, managing a team or running a business – LastPass scales to meet the requirements of all businesses looking for better password management. The LogMeIn Central and Pro tools in this family, provide proactive remote support and monitoring of critical systems and devices across multiple customers.

As the exclusive distributors of LogMeIn in New Zealand, we have created a channel model where you can competitively price any LogMeIn solution your customers need. Our focus is to help you seek and close new business, meaning renewals for existing licenses need to continue to be direct.

To find out more about LogMeIn’s product range, contact our team today.

Will Lai – Brand and Marketing Manager Phone: 0-9-306 0450, Freephone: 0-800-733 233, Mobile: 027 512 4288, E-mail: will@www.sofsol.co.nz