For an end user; setting, remembering and re-entering multiple work usernames and passwords is time-consuming. Now multiply that by an organisation’s total headcount, and the lost productivity (or worse, the cost of a hacked system) is all too real. Maybe LastPass can help?


LogMeIn’s LastPass is battling these costs. The new LastPass Business line up reassesses scenarios where users don’t even need passwords. It looks at context, to ensure the right identity has been verified, and logging in speeds up.


The three updated LastPass offerings:


  • MFA (multi-factor authentication): Going beyond the standard two-factor authentication, LastPass MFA uses biometric and contextual info to ensure it’s the right user, accessing the right data at the right time. An IT department can now set security policies that require face, fingerprint or voice biometrics. In tandem with geo-location, time or IP address, the level of authentication required adapts to grant access. A simple, password less authentication experience makes it painless for end users, and easy for admins to deploy.
  • Enterprise: A simple solution to secure every access point, single sign-on (SSO) technology is now pre-integrated for 1200+ apps. Employees can still access numerous work-related websites and apps. But instead of needing to remember lots of usernames and passwords, SSO requires them to remember one. After users log into their LastPass secure vault, they simply click to connect to integrated cloud apps. Via SAML 2.0, employees log in without having to re-type passwords. Supported apps include Office365, GSuite, Salesforce, AWS, LinkedIn and 1200 more.
  • Identity: A combination of MFA and Enterprise, LastPass Identity provides a holistic view of end user activity from a single dashboard. It covers passwords, authentication, and all apps in use. From single sign-on and password management to adaptive authentication, Identity gives granular control to IT, and frictionless access to users. Click here for a 2 minute clip.


“Password management is usually the end-user’s first step in deploying identity management.” said John Bennett, GM of Identity and Access Management, at LogMeIn. “Our new identity and access management offerings… provide companies with secure, flexible solutions that easily fit into their existing infrastructure.”


Pricing and availability


The entire LastPass Identity product suite will be available in early Q3.
LastPass Enterprise, which now includes SSO, remains at $111/user/year (GST exc.). For more information, LastPass MFA’s and LastPass Identity’s bundle pricing – please contact us at: