GFI Cloud Remote Control is the latest addition to the GFI Cloud service available to organisations managing their own network infrastructure. Now IT admins can open a fast secure connection with just one click when remoting into fix staff computers. No need to call the end user or enter a password each time you connect.


The GFI Cloud Remote Control service can be launched from a browser based dashboard, so no matter where your company devices are you can quickly fix issues and take control even from wherever you work. Remote Control provides fast responses with performance optimized from LAN to mobile internet connections. All remote connections are fully secured with encrypted data channels using 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.


Additional Features in GFI Cloud:


  • Multi-monitor view (e.g. Sees 2 windows for 2 monitors)
  • File transfer, to and from the remote computer (including resume function)
  • No additional configuration needed, even with firewalls and proxy servers
  • Restart remote computers, with automatic reconnect, even in safe mode
  • Instant messaging, to chat with remote users
  • Remote Printing: from the remote computer to your local printer
  • Access system information for remote computers
  • Remote sound and video, heard and seen during a connection
  • Integrated screenshot within the remote control session
  • Multiple connections, in separate tabs


By enabling Remote Control alongside the GFI Cloud Monitoring Service, IT admins can spot and address issues before your users are even aware there was a problem. GFI Remote Control is priced per PC for a one year subscription. Starting with a minimum of 10 licences per organisation, unit pricing starts at just RRP of $42.86 plus GST per PC.


The GFI Cloud browser based dashboard gives admin complete control over server and workstation monitoring, patch management, anti-virus, web protection and now gives your remote access via Remote Control. To learn more about Remote Control and other GFI Cloud services available or to setup a free 30 day trial, contact us today.


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