Application and Operating System vulnerabilities are being exploited by hackers and cyber criminals more rapidly and aggressively than ever, and few admins would question the importance of ensuring that servers and client devices are kept up-to-date with the appropriate patches.

Unfortunately, this task is complicated by tricky to use patching tools, many of which only patch one vendors applications or are operating-system specific. Many times, admins are forced to use multiple tools to ensure all systems and applications are up to date. A further complication arises where vendors install their own updating tools with the application or OS, which interrupt users with pop-up windows asking them to update, or even rebooting operating systems unexpectedly at inconvenient times. Faced with these challenges, it is not surprising that many organisations have ended up dangerously behind in their patching.

In order to compensate for large amounts of unpatched workstations Microsoft controversially decided to make Windows 10 an automatically updating OS. Windows 10 automatically checks for, downloads and installs new updates to your PC. This has created issues for IT admins and now also generates a lot of traffic with each endpoint doing individual auto updates.

DesktopCentral can help you beat these challenges but disabling that auto update in windows 10 and then using the approved company schedule and policy to update servers and workstations. It provides patching support for Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and servers, supporting both Operating System and third-party applications. Patch deployment is configurable and can be automated, and includes an approval function so that only tested and verified patches are deployed.

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 10th May at 2:30pm where we will demonstrate how to use DesktopCentral as an effective and convenient Patch Management solution for your environment.
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Other features include:

  • Deploy configurations including power settings, drive mappings, wallpapers and registry setting
  • Collect hardware data from computers for asset management, including CPU, memory, disks, BIOS detail
  • Inventory all installed software and perform software license management
  • Remote control onto client computers.

Download a 30-day fully functional trial of DesktopCentral here

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