SSL is often a pain for the ordering team at any IT reseller, meaning many of you are very happy that Soft Solutions has expertise in cutting through the confusion for you. Until 31st December, one of the biggest SSL brands, DigiCert, is offering a discount that is exclusively available to you through Soft Solutions.


Have you been caught up in online fraud or phishing scams? These types of attacks developed by hackers have created an environment of fear and doubt amongst online consumers. To gain consumer trust, website owners need an easy and reliable way to show that their transactions are secure and a website is legitimate. This is where SSL certificates come in. They can serve as the backbone of internet security.


If you are new to SSL certificates, here is a quick rundown. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates (sometimes called digital certificates) are used to establish an encrypted connection between a user’s computer and a server or website. The SSL connection protects sensitive data like credit card information exchanged during each visit (a session). This connection also protects the data being intercepted by unauthorised parties.


There is a big range of SSL certificates available, with different options and types. It can get overwhelming.


These basic SSL certificates are automatic, with rule based provisioning and issued using your preferred protocol:


  • Standard SSL – Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. Secure single website/domain. Ideal for blogs, personal websites and non-sensitive content. Generally, this is used for static sites or websites that users will not enter any personal details on.
  • EV SSL – Extended Validated SSL certificates have the highest level of authentication and are recommended to be the standard of security for ecommerce, large organisations and websites that require customers to enter sensitive information.
  • Multi-domain SSL – Ideal for securing multiple websites across different domains. Option to add EV (extended validation).
  • Wildcard SSL – Secure an unlimited number of subdomains with a single certificate.


DigiCert is the industry’s largest and most premier provider of high-assurance certificates and trusted by the world’s top companies to secure billions of transactions every day. They make the certificate process easier and faster to manage.


4 benefits of DigiCert certificates


  1. The Norton Site Seal (Norton Secured, Powered By DigiCert) is the most recognised seal and is seen almost a billion times per day by consumers in 170 countries. It is included for free with DigiCert Business SSL certificates.
  2. DigiCert’s industry leading certificate management platform (CertCentral) is included with all purchases.
  3. DigiCert makes validation easier by keeping your details on file for 18 months, so that any subsequent certificates are approved without the hassle of going through validation again.
  4. DigiCert’s warranty* threshold is the highest in the industry at $1 million. This will give you the peace of mind when you’re using DigiCert’s product.


Top 6 reasons to choose DigiCert


  1. All DigiCert certificates are NZISM compliant (New Zealand Institute of Safety Management).
  2. Strong encryption – every TLS/SSL certificate issued by DigiCert is trusted by all major browsers, mail systems, operating systems and mobile devices.
  3. Extensive product range that can secure businesses SSL, PKI and IoT needs.
  4. The cost and convenience customers want. Give businesses of every size the ability to protect customer data and establish online trust.
  5. Fast issuance and load times. DigiCert’s validation experts issue certificates within a few hours and their OCSP times are up to eight times faster than competitors.
  6. Award-winning customer support. DigiCert have three times as many five-star support ratings as any other certificate authority.


If you currently don’t have a DigiCert SSL certificate, now is the time to switch. DigiCert are offering 30% off the RRP of SSL certificates to non DigiCert customers with a current certificate. This offer is exclusive to Soft Solutions’ partners.


For more information on DigiCert, pricing or this promotion, contact our sales team today.


*Warranty is an insurance for an end user against loss of money when submitting a payment on an SSL-secured site. All SSL Certificates provide your website with an extra assurance that your site is safe to conduct business online. If a Certificate Authority fails to properly validate the information contained in a digital certificate, and this leads to monetary loss of an end user due to a fraudulent online credit card transaction, the end user can claim for warranty compensation. This Warranty is only payable if the end user is charged fraudulently. The certificate vendor is to provide reimbursement according to its terms of service. Depending on a type of certificate, vendors offer different amounts of compensation.


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