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At one time, most users had a basic cellphone, and smartphones and tablets were a “nice to have” device used by a small number of executives and tech users. Now, these devices are widely used and are now a critical business tool for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Unfortunately, smartphones were designed as personal devices, with no centralised administration capability, so each device had to be individually set up and configured. As the numbers of devices increases, the challenge of managing them has become a major issue for many IT administrators.

ManageEngine has answered this challenge, with a range of Mobile Device Management solutions that are both capable, feature-rich and easy to use.

Top 5 Reasons why you should consider ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager?

  • Affordable – it has to be to justify the cost for businesses. For a long time, it was put into a “nice to have” basket even through IT identified it as a risk to the business. Prices start off around $22 per device per year for 50 Mobiles and goes down further for larger device counts. Its even free for up to 25-Devices. Ask us for a license…
  • Device Support – It supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone Operating Systems. More important is BOYD capability – allowing employees to perform work-related tasks through their own mobile devices but allowing IT to set policies and restrictions to keep your data safe and make BYOD management seamless.
  • Cloud or On-Premises – Whether you want full control of the application onsite, or want to use ManagEngine’s hosted Service or if you are in Public Cloud in Azure or AWS. You have easy deployment capabilities for this solution.
  • Feature Rich – Everything from profile management, role based access control, application deployment, blacklisting/whitelisting, usage reporting, data security, remote lock/wipe, geo location, email management, security policies, asset management and many more. A full list of features can be found here.
  • Ease of Use – Most businesses who look into ManageEngine solutions are there because their existing tools are either too expensive to buy and/or expensive to manage and not as easy to use as they were sold to be. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager has an easy deployment method, that doesn’t require multiple servers, days and technicians to deploy and has a very easy to use interface which doesn’t require days or weeks of training.

For a long time, MDM was a nice to have but didn’t justify the cost. Now with more uses interacting via their smart phone than their laptops/desktops and working remotely, effectively and efficiently managing and securing these devices is no longer optional.

ManageEngine doesn’t believe in complicating IT – Mobile Device Manager is an easy-to-use tool, with Enterprise features without the Enterprise-level price.

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