So from later this week everybody MUST work from home. Here are some solutions you can jump into for those customers who do not have any idea right now how their staff can connect remotely. Consider:


1. GO-Global


Help clients access their mission-critical Windows applications. GO-Global offers secure, multi-user access from any location, device and operating system. Unlike Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, GO-Global can be installed and configured in 15 minutes on any Windows PC or server. And unlike TeamViewer, GO-Global lets multiple users run applications on a single Windows computer at the same time.


2. GoToMyPC


Install an agent on the regular work computer, login on a web browser from any other PC or tablet and access files, applications and the office network as if you were sitting right in front of the computer. It’s really that simple.


3. GoToMeeting


Online meetings are the next best thing to being face-to-face. This LogMeIn product lets staff instantly host / join / manage video and audio calls, with one-click. Basic plans allow up to 150 participants at once.


Hosts can screen share any device, to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Meetings can also be recorded, along with notes and action items, for distribution post meeting. Integrated VoIP calling will also save clients time and money. Furthermore, an Office 365 Plugin means scheduling and joining meetings can be done directly from users’ calendars. Try it free, for 2 weeks.


4. GoToWebinar


Tradeshows, seminars and live events are no longer viable in the medium term. Help your clients shift such engagement activities online, with GoToWebinar.


This LogMeIn product seamlessly manages webinar registrations. Easily set up webinars based on ideal settings. The platform handles one-off live events, an event series or on-demand experiences. Then promote registrations through a brandable registration page. Email reminders are also automated, to boost attendance.


During a webinar, speakers can check attentiveness, time lapsed and any questions. Polls can also be set, with visuals showing live results. Record the webinar and offer it to new audiences. Integrate audience activity with CRM or marketing automation systems, for logical next step.


After the event, check reports for who attended and how engaged they were. Try it free for yourself, for 7 days.


Soft Solutions uses these solutions, as part of a broader business continuity plan. Ensure your clients can keep working, no matter what tomorrow brings. Contact for more information. Make sure you are ready to work from home.


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