When an employee leaves, sysadmins disable their user accounts and redirect emails, but usually don’t unassign their software licenses. Then when a new employee joins, new software licenses get assigned from the license pool. This leads to license wastage. While not all licenses are expensive, every dollar still counts for any business size! What about AssetExplorer? Can it help?

ManageEngine AssetExplorer can help you with automated license reports, and enable your business to use resources to their full potential. 

AssetExplorer is a comprehensive asset management solution. It tracks and manages ownership of your IT and non-IT assets within your infrastructure.

Software asset management is a small aspect of AssetExplorer. From the software’s dashboard, asset managers can:

  • Group software by manufacturer and site in which they’re associated.
  • Software metering – tracks software usage at each workstation.
  • Easily ensure compliance by keeping a list of compliant, under licensed and over licensed software.
  • View the total number of software that are; unused, rarely used, managed, prohibited and unidentified for a selected manufacturer and site.
  • View the number of expired license agreements, agreements expiring in the next 7 days and agreements expiring in the next 30 days.

Start managing your software and licenses in an easy, organised way.

Download AssetExplorer to start your 30 day free trial. If you have any queries, contact us below.


Dhruv Patel | Senior Pre-sales Solutions Engineer

ddi 09 306 0453 | sales@manageengine.co.nz