Learning how a new technology works can often prove challenging. What are its key differentiators and how do I build a complete solution? Thankfully with WatchGuard, there is a dedicated learning portal that has a wealth of resources for upskilling. The Learning Centre is home to self-learning pathways for their Endpoint Security solution set. There are Sales Learning Paths as well as Technical Certification training. WatchGuard wants you to succeed, so makes these resources readily available.

Sales Training


Learning Centre


The Endpoint Security Sales Training consists of 4 courses that cover the newly acquired Panda range. Within this module you’ll understand why Panda Adaptive Defence 360 is the first and only solution that combines Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). The 4 courses walk through the key components of the solution and are a fantastic resource to understand this best-of-breed solution.

The WatchguardONE Sales Training consists of 6 sections that cover their core product sets. This includes Network Security, Secure Wi-Fi, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), Endpoint Security, WatchguardONE – as well as supplemental sales training.


Learning Centre


The sales training covers key security issues that organisations face, and how WatchGuard’s range solves these problems.

The Network Security course walks through the family of Firebox appliances and how they keep a network secure via their Total Security Suite.

Secure Wi-Fi training provides a deeper understanding of the current threat landscape. Learn how the range provides protection against rogue access points (APs), prevents connections to “evil twin” APs and automatically protects you from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories.

Their Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) training walks through the importance of securing devices using AuthPoint. (Simply use their mobile phone app or hardware token).

Endpoint Security training gives insights into the types of threats in the wild, and how Defence 360 differentiates itself from traditional antivirus and endpoint detection and response solutions.

The WatchguardONE onboarding provides partners with helpful information on using the partner portal, programme level requirements, programme benefits and what to expect in the first 90 days of becoming a partner.

The supplemental training walks through the basics of DNSWatch and DNSWatchGO setup, how to deploy it, and how networks are protected by it. It also details the content filter’s policies and reporting that is available in the solution.

Technical Training

The Certification training provides technical insights into WatchGuard’s solution set. Training is available as either self-learning courses (with videos and courseware), or as instructor-led courses with certified WatchGuard trainers. This allows you to see live demos and practical lab environments in real time. Self-learning courseware is provided as a video series. They range in length, to prepare you for technical certification exams on Network Security Essentials, Secure Wi-Fi Essentials and Multi-Factor Authentication Essentials.


Learning Centre


The Learning Centre is an excellent way to understand both the sales and technical aspects of WatchGuard’s range. The content available develops your understanding of why WatchGuard is a leading security vendor and how it addresses problems / threats your customers face.

Knowledge is power. Reach out to watchguard@sofsol.co.nz, and we’ll help you understand the power of a WatchGuard partnership.