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Whopping 1.7 Tbps DDoS Attack
Security and monitoring provider Arbor Networks this week claimed to have recorded a massive 1.7 Tbps attack against one of its US customers. This new attack exceeds the previously largest recorded attack against Github (1.35 Tbps), which happened only four days prior. The method of attack was to utilise thousands of misconfigured Memcached (popular open source memory caching system) and force them to target a spoofed IP address with an enormous amount of data. You can read more about the attack on The Hacker News.
Understanding Today’s Most Successful MSP Programs
“Having well-defined service offerings is imperative. Not only will it help streamline the sales process for your sales team and your clients, but it will also improve and streamline how you deliver those services out of your network operation center (NOC). Thus helping you to accelerate your customer growth and profitability levels for your business.” This was just one piece of wisdom Stefanie Hammond, senior channel sales specialist at SolarWinds MSP, delivered during their “MSP Business Bootcamp” webinar. Click here to learn which MSP packages they have found to be the most successful, and view the full webinar. Having a strong solution to base your service off is equally as important, so sign up for a trial of SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management.
Why you should use Malwarebytes to protect your Mac
Although it is true that Mac OS isn’t as prone to a malware infection as a Windows machine is, the misconception that “Mac’s don’t get viruses” just isn’t correct with many Mac specific viruses/ malware being released every year. To combat these 9TO5Mac recommend to their readers to try Malwarebytes for Mac. Click here to find out why, and contact the Malwarebytes Team to find out more.
Big leap forward for Quantum Computing
The race for the Quantum computing crown is heating up, with Google creating a 72-qubit gate-based superconducting system that is vastly superior to their previous attempt and blows away IBM’s 50-qubit processor. This is a big leap forward for Quantum Computing and the goal of perfecting the technology. You can find out more about Google’s efforts here.


Upcoming StorageCraft Webinars
In between Tuesday 13th March and Tuesday 27th March 2018 StorageCraft is running a series of webinars to help you set up new accounts and to utilize ShadowControl, HSR, Cloud service and Office 365 backup. If you want to find out more and/or to register for the webinars Click here.
Safeguard your Active Directory with Recovery Manager Plus
Windows Active Directory (AD) is a significant part of every organisation and any downtime to it can seriously cripple the continued operation of an organization. With Recovery Manager Plus, you can easily backup and restore your Active Directory (AD) and perform attribute-level restorations of AD objects and perform file/folder-level restoration of your Domain Controllers, VMs, and file servers from a centralized console. Request a quote or Register for the webinar and find out how you can make your AD disaster proof on March the 22nd at 11:00 AM.


Nuance Power Up Promotion 1st January to 30th June 2018
Is your summer holiday a distant memory? Nuance can help you towards your next one with their Power Up Promotion on Power PDF Advanced. Until the 30th of June 2018 all Power PDF deals registered with Nuance of 26 seats or more will be eligible for a greater margin and the chance to reward yourself or organisation with $5 per license or add Maintenance & Support for a possible $7 per license once the deal is closed. This is paid in the form of a Prezzy Card at the end of the promotion. On top of this there is a prize of $1,000 up for grabs for the reseller partner that registers and closes the highest number of deals in this 6 month promotion period. Terms & Conditions apply. You can register deals here, or contact the Soft Solutions Sales Team for more information.
Malwarebytes Competitive Cross grade Promotion
From now until the 30th of April 2018 Malwarebytes will be providing 40% margin for all competitive cross grade opportunities involving Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Security which have a minimum of 10 licenses. This is the perfect opportunity for you to introduce this award-winning solution to your customers. Terms & Conditions apply. For more information please contact the Malwarebytes team.
Trend Micro now offering Great Incentives for MSP partners
Trend Micro recognise that getting your customers to convert to the Trend Micro MSP model has it’s challenges so they have come up with a cash incentive to help reward you for winning those new opportunities – between now and 31 December 2018, for every net new customer you on-board with Trend Micro MSP your business gets $1 on a Visa card to spend how you like. If you would like to learn more, or get signed up as a Trend Micro MSP partner contact the Soft Solutions team today.
StorageCraft Partner Promotion 12th February to 30th June 2018
StorageCraft is currently running a promotion until the end of June for partners to get new customers registering new machines to the StorageCraft Cloud. With every new machine registered there is a bonus for the partner, but that is not all, there is also a perpetual 3 year incentive, the longer you register for the more the incentive. To close the deal if you pay up front there is another incentive. To hear more about the promotion contact the StorageCraft Team.
Supporting disadvantaged children through KidsCan
Soft Solutions is proud to be helping New Zealand to build a better future through KidsCan, a charity that provides basics such as food, raincoats, shoes, socks and basic hygiene items which enable children in low-decile schools to be more engaged in their education.
Learn more about KidsCan
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