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Star Wars Movie Night
A big thank you to everyone who joined us for Star Wars: The Last Jedi at the Soft Solutions movie night last month. It was a pleasure to catch up with all the attendees from so many different SofSol partners and we hope you all enjoyed the evening. Congratulations to Shaun Moodley and Susan Luckstedt for winning the best dressed competition and receiving the PS4 Pro and the Sphero R2-D2 Droid respectively. If you would like to see some picture from the event hop over to the Soft Solutions Blog.
Ransomware Shutdown
There has been a significant increase in ransomware attacks in the last few years. Some recent stats suggests that New Zealand alone is getting 108 attacks per day. Whilst there is no silver bullet to avoid all of these attacks, one of the ways ManageEngine FileAudit Plus can help is by detecting in real time abnormal changes to the file system and responding to a ransomware attacks very quickly. For example, if a ransomware is encrypting files on a machine, FileAudit Plus agent can instantly shut it down and provide an in-depth detail of the event. Watch how quickly and effectively FileAudit Plus does exactly that in this 1-min video. For more details have a look at www.fileauditplus.com, download a fully functional 30-day trial or talk to an expert for more information.
Articulate 360 Individual renamed to Personal
For those of our partners regularly ordering Articulate 360 for your customers, you will shortly see a name change – what was Individual is now Personal, designed to make it more clear that the Personal license is an individual seat license assigned to one named individual and cannot be re-assigned. No change to the Teams license or pricing. For those who have not heard of Articulate 360, this is software that lets you create online courses and is used by many corporate and government organisations around New Zealand. Find out more here, or contact the Soft Solutions Sales Team.
Nuance Power PDF Case Study Featured in NZ Manufacturer December 2017
There is a great Case Study on page 28 of the December edition of NZ Manufacturer of how Power PDF is helping Foodstuffs North Island work more efficiently. A thought provoking article for you to share with your clients who are in the manufacturing field and a conversation opener around their PDF requirements. With the launch of the Power Up reseller promotion, there’s never been a better time than now to discuss Power PDF Advanced with your clients and increase their efficiency as well as get yourself in the draw to win.
The Bomb too big to use
On the 30th of October 1691 the largest nuclear bomb ever tested was dropped by the USSR in the remote archipelago of Novaya Zemlya. The bomb was so large the pilots of the bomber that released it were given only a 50% chance of surviving. It had a yield some 1,500 times larger than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War Two. It damaged buildings hundreds of miles away from the drop zone and the massive shock wave was recorded circling the earth 3 times. Today its known as the Tsar Bomba and its most profound impact was not the devastation it caused, but the fact that it convinced its creator, Andrei Sakharov, to renounce nuclear weapons and dedicate the rest of his life to combat the arms race between the USSR and the USA. The story of the Tsar Bomba is fascinating and you can find out more here.


Keep an eye on all key aspects of Exchange Servers and Exchange Online.
Just making sure your exchange environment is operational isn’t sufficient. This has also been complicated with the expansion of on-premises Exchange to now the inclusion of Cloud applications like Exchange Online and O365. ManageEngine’s Exchange Reporter Plus is a simple and effective solution that collects all relevant data from Exchange Servers, Active Directory, messaging and IIS logs to give you a clear picture of mail traffic, health, usage, growth etc. Join Arsh for a webinar on the 31st of January at 11:00 AM to see the solution in action and an overview of the reporting and auditing capabilities. Register here.


Nuance Power Up Promotion 1st January to 30th June 2018
Until the 30th of June 2018 all Power PDF deals registered with Nuance of 26 seats or more will be eligible for a greater margin of $5 per license, add Maintenance & Support for a possible $7 per license once closed. On top of this there is a prize of $1,000 up for grabs for the reseller partner that registers and closes the highest number of deals in this period. Terms & Conditions apply. You can register deals here, or contact the <a href=”mailto:sales for more information.
Supporting disadvantaged children through KidsCan
Soft Solutions is proud to be helping New Zealand to build a better future through KidsCan, a charity that provides basics such as food, raincoats, shoes, socks and basic hygiene items which enable children in low-decile schools to be more engaged in their education.