OneXafe Solo’s launched!


Great news. StorageCraft’s Plug-and-Play Data Protection solution is now available. Designed for smaller, simpler environments – it streams data directly to StorageCraft’s Cloud Services. It uses the same ShadowXafe data protection technology, within a compact form factor.


The units are easy to deploy and manage – you’ll be up and running in minutes. Simply plug it in, connect to the internet and start protecting data. Once data’s uploaded, it enables quick restores straight into Hyper V or VMware.


There is no storage limit per machine being backed up. The monthly cost per machine allows for up to 1TB per server. This is pooled across all servers attached to Solo units and any other Cloud Premium machines in your MSP portal. Other storage options besides the cloud include; a 2.5” internal disk (up to 4TB), external USB, or local servers (NFS / SMB).


There’s no charge for the actual Solo device, nor any upfront costs. All Solo units come with a 12 month minimum commit (charged monthly). Don’t worry, you can change your mind within 45-days without penalty.


StorageCraft also have NFR units for $1599 ($999 USD). The NFR appliance includes up to 3 servers for 12 months. For full offer details click here. Alternatively, contact for orders / queries.


Get up to $3K for your digital marketing


As we ease out of lockdown, now’s the time to kick-start awareness of your business. StorageCraft is funding up to $3,000 for approved digital campaigns. There’s no need for you to spend a cent. Just apply and execute your approved idea. Initiatives can include digital adverts (via social media or display), lead-generation via websites, Google AdWords, email campaigns or driving online webinars.


If you’ve got prospects or clients to engage, StorageCraft can help build your pipeline. Simply show how you’ll educate customers about StorageCraft’s products. Curious about how to qualify? Click here to read more, or reach out to


How to pitch StorageCraft – Conversation Starters


StorageCraft understands that different prospects, have different concerns. It’s why they’ve developed conversation starters, for the prospects you’ll encounter. Whether you’re meeting a SMB-owner, IT/Operations Manager, CFO or CIO – this guide explains their most-likely pain points. Use the guide to demonstrate your understanding of their key issues. It also helps position how you and StorageCraft will help solve their concerns. Arm yourself with the right info, before meeting your prospect. Download your free guide here.


Trial Disaster Recovery as a Service. Win $4K of Grandstream gear.


Using ShadowXafe / ShadowProtect backup and recovery solutions for local backups, is usually enough to recover IT systems from server failure. However a site-wide disaster will render those backups useless, even with off-site copies. This results in major downtime and data loss for your clients.


Consider replicating ShadowXafe / ShadowProtect backup images to StorageCraft’s disaster-recovery cloud. This gives you the tools to keep your clients’ businesses running, no matter what happens. Protect on-premise business systems and data in a cloud, purpose-built for total business continuity.


Access cloud data anywhere, anytime using this highly distributed and fault-tolerant disaster recovery cloud with 99.999+ percent uptime. StorageCraft’s cloud features a patented ability to pre-stage site-wide failover processes, so you can test / execute failovers at the click of a button.


Until June 30, every trial of Cloud Services also enters the draw to win Grandstream video conferencing cameras (worth RRP $4,378). These are perfect to resell / gift to valuable clients, in this age of remote working. Learn more about StorageCraft Cloud Services, and how to register your trial by emailing


Customised webinars for your business


Curious about StorageCraft’s new Solo, ShadowXafe/Protect roadmaps, DRaaS and Cloud Backup offerings? Not sure how to best sell these solutions, to maximise revenue for you and your team? StorageCraft’s NZ Territory Manager Andrea Martin, is happy to schedule a webinar and talk through your questions. She can give a high-level overview of the above. She’s also happy to drill into login issues, PartnerZone portal access, partner programme and pricing questions. Karl Thomson, NZ Senior Sales Engineer is also available for training covering best practices, and troubleshooting technical updates. Email to schedule a date.


Learn how to automate renewals, build pipeline and more. Upcoming webinars


The right time to upskill yourself is now. StorageCraft has a plethora of 1hr training sessions upcoming. Thankfully, they all start at a user-friendly time of 130pm. This means you ask tricky questions within each session, and get the most value from your time invested. Choose from; product and solution overviews, technical boot camps (i.e. Cloud Backup, ShadowXafe), how to automate renewals, how to build pipeline and more. Check out the schedule by clicking here.


SofSol TV: StorageCraft’s thoughts on COVID and how to help partners


Leo Lynch, StorageCraft’s ANZ Sales Director shares how COVID will impact the IT industry. In this 12-min clip, partners also learn how to get $50 Visa cards for completing 45min of training. During this economic slowdown, partners can also get $3K each to spend on digital campaigns. Too good to be true? Click to learn more.


Partner playbook to grow your business


Did you grab a copy of StorageCraft’s partner playbook, in the previous Update? Check what else you can offer from StorageCraft’s solution set. In the partner playbook learn about the revenue opportunities associated with 10x growth in unstructured data. Increasing requirements around compliance, DR and incident responses are also fuelling overall storage demand. StorageCraft enables your business to increase total offerings, win new business and grow your MSP annuity revenues.


Check out the new partner playbook to see:


  • How to boost your IT services portfolio
  • Strategies to take advantage of the exploding demand for data protection
  • Cloud services revenue generating opportunities
  • StorageCraft’s training, support and marketing resources to help you succeed


Grab your partner playbook free copy here.


Share a StorageCraft story, for no-cost marketing


Professionally shot videos and PDF case studies featuring your firm is costly to create. However, they are often the tools needed to get a prospect meeting. StorageCraft can help.


Simply tell your (or your clients’) amazing data recovery story. StorageCraft will capture it as a professional video or a copy-written case study. It should demonstrate a StorageCraft solution. Obviously, you’d be the hero in this tale!


You are then free to use the content for your own; social channels, newsletters, trade-shows, website, prospecting, etc. StorageCraft and Soft Solutions will also promote it through similar channels. Email to get the next steps in motion.


Q2 Promotions


  1. OneXafe Solo NFR – get a 12-mth subscription and Premium Support for up to 3 machines, in this special launch offer.
  2. File Backup and Recovery – let remote users easily backup organisational data sitting on laptops, workstations and home PCs. Get 1 month free.
  3. ShadowXafe competitive upgrade – get perpetual license(s) free when purchasing 3 years Premium Maintenance.
  4. ShadowXafe at 50% off MSRP for your own production environment.


For more information on these promotions, click here.


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