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  • VirtualBoot for vSphere
  • Reminder – no phone support
  • Education Bundle

VirtualBoot for Hyper-V is now joined by VirtualBoot for vSphere

We are excited by StorageCraft’s latest technology release, VirtualBoot for vSphere. With this enhancement users of StorageCraft SPX can mount backup images directly into an ESXi host – VMWare vSphere talks directly to the backup image, you do not need to wait for all of the data to copy across to a new host, or for an intermediate machine to process the restore request and load the backup into the new host. If this is being used for host migration you do have the option to have the data copied at the same time or you can use the existing data store to get the VM booted quickly and move the data later.

VirtualBoot for vSphere is used in conjunction with StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX backup and disaster recovery software and is included at no extra charge with every SPX license. VirtualBoot for vSphere was developed in joint collaboration and participation with VMware through their vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) Program and is certified as VMware Ready.

Note that a paid version of vSphere is required for this to work. ShadowProtect SPX also includes VirtualBoot for Oracle VirtualBox and Microsoft Hyper-V.

You can see a live demo of the process in action from Karl Thomson’s video at this link, and there’s more information in our blog post. If you would like to discuss the in’s and out’s in more detail please reach out to our StorageCraft technical guy Matt.

StorageCraft Support

A reminder that while the StorageCraft support team for Australia and New Zealand is still based in Sydney, they no longer provide phone support for anything but urgent queries – support requests MUST be submitted via the portal. Response time for urgent requests is one hour within normal business hours, where you have tagged the request as urgent and engineer on-site. Both Soft Solutions and StorageCraft have pre-sales engineers in New Zealand (Matt at Sofsol, Karl at StorageCraft) but sorry, we aren’t in a position to become a support number in place of the StorageCraft team and will end up referring you to the portal to start the process of getting help.

StorageCraft Backup & Recovery Academic Bundle

Data protection can be a challenge for academic institutions of all sizes, with a constant change of IT environments and a mix of virtual or physical machines running on a network. StorageCraft have announced a new bundle to help secure their systems. The institution gets a license for 100 virtual machines and 10 physical servers including a year of maintenance which covers software updates and technical support. In addition to the special pricing of the bundle, partners have the opportunity to earn an extra 20% margin if they deal register the opportunity.

First reaction is that there aren’t many New Zealand places to sell a license of this size, but at normal pricing this is over $20,000 in value. The pricing compares to the normal purchase of two physical servers and 30 VMs.

The bundle is priced at an RRP of $7,219.16 plus GST, dealer buy $5,775.33 plus GST, or discounted dealer buy after deal registration, $4620.27 plus GST. In order for the Deal Registration pricing to apply, the partner must pre-register the opportunity by going to: If we receive an order at the discounted price without the deal registration number, the order will be rejected.

StorageCraft have created a couple of flyers to help promote this bundle:

Pricing of the bundle is valid from the 6th of September to 31st December 2016. For more information and pricing, contact our StorageCraft team today.