In this update:

  • New Deal Registration Discounts
  • Subscription License Option
  • ShadowProtect SPX 6.2
  • New Support Process
  • Keep that old media

New Deal Registration Discounts

StorageCraft have operated a deal registration program where you get an extra five percent discount for new sales worth more than $5,000, but they have just stepped this up. You now get 5 percent extra for deals priced between $1,500 and $5,000, 10% for values between $5,000 and $10,000, and 15% if the value exceeds $10,000. To qualify you need to register the deal and make sure you tell us when you place the order so we can give you the extra discount. StorageCraft have not updated the numbers on their registration page yet, but here’s the link where you enter the details. Note the extra discount is only available for orders placed within 60 days of registration (although an extension is available if you have a good reason).

Link to deal registration form

Subscription License Option

StorageCraft have added one- and two-year subscription pricing as an additional licensing option for ShadowProtect SPX. Subscriptions are available for both per-machine and per-socket licensing, and include upgrades and email support for the subscription period. The cross-over point on a one-year subscription is two years (two years of one-year subscription is the same price as a perpetual license with two years of maintenance) while buying a two-year subscription is ten percent less than buying a perpetual license with two years’ of maintenance.

New StorageCraft pricelist

ShadowProtect SPX 6.2

The new version 6.2 includes an option to collapse any image chain into a single, full image file for archiving. 6.2 also fixes compatibility issues with some recent Windows updates.

New Support Process

StorageCraft are trying to streamline their support process and now expect queries to be lodged via a support portal. The support still comes out of Sydney, and they will still help by phone for urgent queries, but they have said that for non-urgent issues you will be asked to submit via the portal.

Link to support page

Link to StorageCraft’s technical support guide

Keep that old media

Just a reminder that if you have customers still running version 4, make sure you have version 4 recovery media available. The version 4 recovery environment cannot be downloaded any more (because Microsoft no longer allows distribution of pre-built Windows ISO’s). If you download the latest recovery environment you will need to get in touch with support to get an activation code to make it work with a backup created with the old version and as one of our resellers recently found out, they aren’t there on a Saturday. But if you have the version 4 media, your restore will run. Yes customers should be on current maintenance and upgrading to the latest version, but we all know that there are many running on the old version even if they HAVE current maintenance because of the philosophy “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

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