ShadowXafe MSP’s launching September 23


Great news. ShadowXafe will be available on a MSP basis in a couple of weeks. Enjoy all the benefits of this next-generation data protection solution, without long-term commitments. ShadowXafe is a specialised backup and disaster recovery tool. It’s easy to deploy, ensures secure data protection and less application downtime. Quickly boot backup images as VMs, and recover files and folders in seconds (or entire systems in minutes). For pricing and general queries, email If you start a trial now, you’ll also get a bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey!


Cloud Backup for Office 365 – extra security and Teams backup


Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is an important method of authentication that Office 365 uses to help provide extra security. It’s managed from the Microsoft 365 administration centre. As of 1st of September 2019, MFA is now required to be used by partner’s tenants, in order to stay in compliance with MPN agreements.


StorageCraft Cloud Backup will continue to backup and protect Office 365 data when MFA is enabled. In order for an account (with MFA enabled for all users) to work with Cloud Backup, an “app password” is needed so that Cloud Backup can still access the Office 365 data. More information on how to set this up can be found here.


The latest version now protects Office 365 Teams data too. To find out how to set this up, click here for details.


ShadowProtect’s price adjustment


To keep bringing you game-changing technology (like ShadowXafe and OneXafe), StorageCraft is applying a 20% price increase on ShadowProtect perpetual renewal and upgrade SKUs. This occurs on the 1st of October 2019. StorageCraft have also introduced 3-year renewal SKUs, so you can purchase multi-year renewals at a discounted rate. As a reminder, your StorageCraft support contract gives your clients peace of mind as you have:


  • Access to StorageCraft’s ANZ technical support team. 24×7 Premium support is also available.
  • Access to the latest releases, bug fixes and most secure version of ShadowProtect.


We can send you a list of your perpetual licences upon request, along with expiry dates. If you choose to renew early, you can enjoy the current pricing. Alternatively, we can talk about the MSP pricing model which has maintenance included in the monthly fee. Email, to see how we can help grow your StorageCraft revenue.


RenewTrak now only emails expired end users


Based on your feedback, StorageCraft has revised RenewTrak. As of 9 September 2019, StorageCraft stopped end user emails regarding upcoming renewals. Only partners will receive renewal reminders going forward. Furthermore all renewals due, will be visible within RenewTrak – not just ones under $2K. It is essentially a single portal for all StorageCraft renewals.


All 90, 60, 30, 14 day, etc. renewal notices will only go to partners. Once a license has expired, RenewTrak will send an end user email (cc’ing the partner) asking them to renew through their partner. There will no longer be a ‘renew online’ button for your customer.


Partners will be able to log into their own portal, and see everything due. Soft Solutions’ system will still send you advance notice of renewal with pricing at 90 days and a formal quote at 35 days ahead of expiry.


The portal itself will receive several updates, including showing you standard partner buy prices. StorageCraft is currently working on a running demo, and are targeting all processes to be in place by 1 November 2019. Look out for further communications / webinars, regarding all changes.


Need ransomware proof storage?


How do you make a backup that is invisible to ransomware from the LAN? Files on StorageCraft’s OneXafe storage devices can only be addressed by OneXafe’s patented, distributed object store technology. Every 90 seconds there’s an unchangeable snapshot stored, that is safe from attack once ransomware arrives. OneXafe is designed for organisations or MSPs storing 7TB+ of data – so definitely not for everyone. However, if that data size sounds like you, click here to learn about OneXafe and its continuous, immutable snapshots. Then contact our team to arrange a 20-minute OneXafe overview.


Share your StorageCraft success story – get a $100 Prezzy Card


We’re looking for two resellers, willing to participate in case studies. If your StorageCraft success story gets published, we’d thank you with a $100 Prezzy Card. We’re after great recovery stories whether it’s; a ransomware attack, disaster recovery situation or crashed server. We want to document how StorageCraft recovered your data, and pulled your clients’ business back from the brink of disaster. Do you have a happy client willing to share a StorageCraft scenario? Simply email, for the next step.


Backups taking too long? Storing unstructured data, just too tricky?


Is your back up process causing you pain? Is it taking longer than you’d like and/or is it more complex than you think it should be? Unsure if your current strategy to store unstructured data is adequate? IDC predicts that many companies will not be ready for the predicted growth. The latest figures suggest that unstructured data will grow by 800% in the next 3 years. If you answered yes to any of these queries, ShadowXafe and OneXafe could help. Ask for an overview from the StorageCraft team. Contact our team to arrange a 20-minute overview.


Join us at Tech Update: Dunedin


Thanks to those that have attended. The last event is tomorrow. Attend to see the latest StorageCraft / Malwarebytes’ products and roadmaps. During the morning session, you’ll find out about new services you can sell to your clients. You’re also invited to network with peers over a light lunch after. Register by clicking: Thursday 12th September for Dunedin.


ShadowXafe restores in milliseconds. See for yourself, and get a bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey


StorageCraft’s ShadowXafe drastically simplifies backup and disaster recovery. Whether your data resides on physical or virtual machines, ShadowXafe boots backups as VMs in milliseconds – not hours. It provides a SLA-driven dashboard, analytical reports and seamless VMware integration. Integrate with StorageCraft’s Cloud Services, for true one-click DRaaS. Until September 30, every ShadowXafe trial also receives a bottle of Glenfiddich 12yr old, single-malt whiskey. To find out more, send a query to:


Certify as a StorageCraft Engineer, to get a $100 Prezzy card


Upskilling just got more rewarding. Every StorageCraft 300-level certification granted before September 30, gets a $100 Prezzy card. You can use it at millions of Visa retailers (including most online stores). This is your opportunity to learn about StorageCraft and its backup / disaster recovery solutions; ShadowProtect, ShadowXafe and OneXafe. The free online course is done at your own pace, with an open book quiz at the end. To find out more, send a query to:


StorageCraft Q3 partner promotions


  • Replace non-StorageCraft backup and recovery solutions with ShadowXafe, and get perpetual licenses(s) free of charge. Click ShadowXafe competitive upgrade.
  • Get ShadowXafe at 50% off MSRP for your own production environment.
  • OneXafe storage disaster-recovery bundle: buy one, get one free!
  • OneXafe converged: special reseller discount – 65% off MSRP.


Sound good? To find out the details on these promotions, click here.


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