In this update:

  • StorageCraft Virtual Promotion
  • ShadowProtect SPX has been updated to version 6.5

StorageCraft Virtual Promotion

To give your StorageCraft sales a kick-start to the year, there is a Fire Sale on EVERYTHING Virtual – order by the 31/3/2017 and receive 35% off all Virtual Products.

As part of this we are also featuring a “Make the Switch” Promotion which not only features the 35 percent discount, but also every deal over $1500 qualifies you for a $100 Visa card. (To redeem the card, you need to register your deals on the StorageCraft partner portal). Full details on the flyer at this link.

Prices in the Sofsol system have been updated to these new levels, and you can download a pricelist with these discounts included from this link.

The small print:

  • SPX Virtual Essential License (2 Socket Bundle) Limited to 6 core environments.
  • Special Pricing available only on selected SKUs.
  • Promotion is valid from the 25th of January to 31st of March, 2017.
  • Minimum order value to qualify for the $100 Visa Card is orders over $1,500 partner buy ex GST. Limit to 10 Visa Cards per partner account.

ShadowProtect SPX has been updated to version 6.5

While ShadowProtect SPX 6 was an immense step forward, there were some features of version 5 that disappeared. StorageCraft have now updated ShadowProtect SPX to restore return some of that functionality. The new features include those most-requested by our partners and end users:

  • Remote monitor – Remotely monitor backup operations for a small number of systems directly from the SPX console
  • Expanded Linux support – SPX now supports Ubuntu 16.0.4
  • Improved logging – Make troubleshooting even easier by accessing specific log files for a given backup job through the SPX console
  • Right-click backup image to VirtualBoot – Select VirtualBoot from the right-click menu in Windows Explorer
  • Custom installer – Choose to install only the components you need: Backup Agent or Console and Tools
  • Software updates check via the Help menu – Easily know whether you have the latest version of SPX installed

If you have a valid product key with active maintenance, you are entitled to upgrade from ShadowProtect v4.x or v5.x to SPX at no charge. A reboot will be required. SPX will directly migrate job settings from an existing ShadowProtect v5.x install. For sites still on version 4 or earlier, you can either uninstall and do a fresh install of SPX or if you want to preserve the existing configuration settings then you first need to upgrade to version 5 and then upgrade to SPX 6.5.

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