Generate leads with ‘Campaign in a Box’

Get up to $3000 to spend on your own digital marketing campaign(s). Simply suggest activity that raises awareness of StorageCraft’s offerings and drives joint sales pipeline. Book Google AdWords, display banner ads, shoot video case studies, or promote an event. The choice is yours. StorageCraft can provide speakers for events, whitepapers, marketing expertise and importantly – funding. Suggest what best suits your clients / prospects, for a win-win initiative. Curious about which options might work? Click here for more details or reach out via

IDC Report – how to increase data resilience and improve ransomware defences

A recent IDC study found digital resilience as a top priority, rose sharply between February and May 2021. In this survey, 61% of IT leaders responding in February indicated digital resilience would be the top investment priority over the next two years. By May, this response increased to 78%. IT leaders no longer consider data security and data protection as separate tasks and actively seek integrated solutions. Read IDC’s new white paper and learn how to best increase data resilience by integrating data protection and security.

Data protection evaluated: Solo vs Closest Competitor

Given data is now a corporate resource, protecting such digital assets is vital. Data tools must support multiple targets – including the cloud. Evaluator Group recently tested StorageCraft’s OneXafe Solo against a leading competitor. Compare their ability to meet mid-sized firms’ data protection needs via this report.

Solo in 2 minutes

Get an overview of OneXafe Solo in this short clip. Hear Kiwi reseller Why Fragment’s recommendations on OneXafe Solo in 90 seconds. See Christchurch-based User-Friendly Computing’s thoughts on OneXafe Solo, in under 2 minutes.

Resellers have chosen Solo for their small / medium business clients due to its:

  1. Browser based, multi-tenant, cloud management system.
  2. Flexible recovery and virtual boot technology.
  3. Low financial risk and includes free 45 day try before you buy.
  4. It does not consume IT services.
  5. It creates reoccurring monthly revenue (great for sales and cash flow).
  6. It is at a price point that makes it highly attractive to those not currently invested in DR.
  7. Servers, virtual machines and workstations – back up all or some, to any cloud.

Reach out via to learn more.

ANZ partner update – 3 min video

Leo Lynch, StorageCraft’s ANZ Sales Director gives you a quick update on the merger with Arcserve, and what it means to you as a partner. Watch it here now.

Cloud Services now get 20 recovery points

With the recent introduction of the new Cloud Services Basic, all Cloud Service Levels (Basic, Plus and Premium) get 20 recovery points. This is only available for the pooling option. You can now manually set up your own retention settings, without incurring additional fees. One thing to remember is that the more recovery points used, the more storage you might consume. This may or may not cause you to go over your pooled storage amount, and incur storage overage fees.

Ransomware readiness assessment: a pro-active approach

Ransomware has become one of the largest business risks and serves as the most menacing threat to IT organisations. It’s reached epidemic proportions globally, with costs projected to reach USD $20 billion by 2021. Information security management is an essential part of good IT governance, particularly with respect to protecting critical business and personal data from ransomware. Take this assessment to quickly identify gaps in your customers’ IT and chart the course for a ransomware-free future.

More flexibility with OneXafe Solo

There are now more flexible monthly pricing options for the OneXafe Solo for those wanting to protect less critical machines. Beyond the first machine protected, you can now protect servers, virtual servers and workstations with Cloud Services Plus, Cloud Services Basic or just to your local storage. Find out more here.

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