From August 19, 2020, SSL vendors will no longer be able to offer two-year public TLS certificates. This is due to an industry-wide requirement set by Apple and Google, stating that any two-year TLS certificate issued after August 30, 2020 will be distrusted in their browsers.

Any two-year TLS certificate issued before 12:00am UTC on August 19, 2020 will be valid for two-years (up to 825 days). Beginning August 19, 2020, SSL vendors will only be issuing one-year (up to 398 days) TLS certificates.

This only applies to public TLS certificates. Private-root and other types of certificates (e.g. Code Signing Certificates, S/MIME certificates, etc.) will be unaffected and will have the same maximum validity that they have today.

As a solution, Multi-year Plan has been made available as a new offering to help with the transition to a shorter certificate validity.

Multi-year Plan certificates allow customers to place a TLS/SSL certificate order for up to six years. Although these certificates will still need to be replaced annually as per industry guidelines, customers can eliminate the hassle of annual renewal payments and plan for renewals at their convenience without losing time they have paid for. Multi-year Plan support is available for 2 to 6 year orders.

Please get in touch with our sales team for a multi-year quote.

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