Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is serious business, and Soft Solutions takes business seriously.

Soft Solutions has been in the business of finding and providing the best solution for our reseller partners.

We also understand that every business has different security needs. Finding a strong solution that prevents any breach can be hard. This is why Soft Solutions works with each and every customer to find the best fit solution for IT systems currently in place.

Our main brands are Trend Micro MSP, Malwarebytes, and SolarWinds MSP Anti-Virus; all of these are very strong offerings, with each having their own strengths, advantages and positive attributes.

Security Solutions
Security Solutions

Trend Micro MSP

  • Comprehensive solution set with product families for SMB, Enterprise and Virtual Infrastructure.
  • Solutions for protection at all points of detection (Endpoints, Web, Email, Gateway, Cloud, SharePoint, Office 365, etc.)
  • Support for multiple operating environments (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc.)
  • Extensive range of technologies layered into the products for detecting Malware.
  • MSP only.
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Managed Anti-Virus (BitDefender)

  • OEM via SolarWinds MSP.
  • Endpoint protection only.
  • Fully integrated into SolarWinds MSP dashboard.
  • Windows only.
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  • Network security – Protect your network from malware, malicious content and phishing attacks. Choose from solutions such as Firebox UTM / firewall appliances, a portfolio of malware prevention services, etc.
  • Multi-factor authentication – Protect your employees’ corporate identities from theft and misuse. Implement solutions like; AuthPoint MFA platform, AuthPoint mobile app (Push, OTP, and QR-codes) etc.
  • Secure wi-fi – Protect your Wi-Fi and the people on it from prying eyes, data theft, and malware. With solutions like high performance in/outdoor access points, patented WIPS security, WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud, etc.
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