Get an overview of OneXafe Solo in this short clip. Hear Kiwi reseller Why Fragment’s recommendations on OneXafe Solo in 90 seconds.

See Christchurch-based User-Friendly Computing’s thoughts on OneXafe Solo, in 2 minutes.

Resellers have chosen Solo for their small / medium business clients due to its:

  1. Browser based, multi-tenant, cloud management system.
  2. Flexible recovery and virtual boot technology.
  3. Low financial risk and includes free 45 day try before you buy.
  4. It does not consume IT services.
  5. It creates reoccurring monthly revenue (great for sales and cash flow).
  6. It is at a price point that makes it highly attractive to those not currently invested in DR.
  7. Servers, virtual machines and workstations – back up all or some, to any cloud.

If watching the OneXafe Solo in 2 minutes video wasn’t enough to answer all your questions. Reach out via to learn more.

Solo in 2