SolarWinds MSP Manager

SolarWinds MSP Manager was built from the ground up to make both ticketing and managing your operation efficient. It provides simple ticketing, knowledge management, task management, scheduling, and billing features.

Branded customer portal

Reporting dashboards

Mobile applications

Batch billing exports

Customer management

Quick, efficient ticketing

MSP Manager provides a quick ticket feature that you can access from any screen whenever you need it.

Captures customers details

Time tracking

Dashboard overview

Email-to-ticket creation

Captures service items

Better service on the go

The MSP Manager Mobile app puts the information technicians need to solve customer problems right at their fingertips. From the app, customers can open/work tickets, track their time, view customer information, view ticket histories, access device passwords and more.

Push notificiations

Detailed customer information

Fast ticket generation

Easy time tracking

Device and system information

Ticket management

SolarWinds MSP Manager
SolarWinds MSP Manager

Simplify your billing

MSP Manager helps cut down your billing time and it tracks every billable moment. You can apply the correct contract rates and when the times comes, it is simple to batch export invoices directly to your accounting software.

Accurate / easy billing

Sample invoices

Batch exporting

Details invoices sent to clients

Integration with multiple accounting software

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