Webinar: Endpoint Detection & Response – the next step beyond AV


Your customers expect you to keep them protected from the onslaught of new threats and attacks. Learn how to better protect them against ransomware, zero-day attacks, and evolving online threats. Bob Chaisuwan, SolarWinds MSP Sales Engineer discusses SolarWinds Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). This RMM-integrated tool is demonstrated via a 45 min webinar. Join us on 23 September at 11:00 am, to learn:
  • What is traditional AV, versus next-generation AV.
  • What is Solarwinds EDR, and how does it protect machines differently.
  • Product demo, and rollback video.


To thank you joining, there’s also 4 x $25 GiftStation vouchers to be won at the end of the session. For more details and to register, click here.


SolarWinds Backup for Microsoft 365


Your clients need to understand that Microsoft’s data retention policy still leaves big gaps – such as losing all emails if a user account is deleted without sharing their data first. Luckily, Backup now works with Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive and Sharepoint. Both active and deleted files can now be easily recovered – regardless of their status on Microsoft’s servers. This service is effectively unlimite data storage – up to 1TB per user – for up to 7 years for Exchange, and one year for OneDrive / Sharepoint. Offer your clients full recoverability and retention of their Microsoft data. It’s priced to generate additional revenue for your business, at one flat price. Watch this 3 minute video to learn more, or email us at sales@sofsol.co.nz.


How has COVID impacted MSPs? A global survey’s results


SolarWinds MSP recently surveyed 500 MSPs in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. The majority of MSPs have survived the crisis comparatively unscathed. Most MSPs were able to retain all employees (80%), and also provide their customers with more than just technical support – during the difficult lock-down phase. One in four granted payment deferrals and temporary discounts, or adapted services to shrinking customer budgets (19%). Almost two thirds were able to refrain from price increases (65%).


The surveyed companies expect the greatest growth potential to come from security services (51%) and cloud services (47%). Companies will continue to adopt new ways of working (such as distributed working) in the long term.


For the full report, view it here.


Wanting to trial RMM, Mail Assure or Backup?


The fastest way to start free trials of these solutions, is via Soft Solutions’ online forms.
For all other products contact our Sales Engineer, Rainesh Patel on rainesh@sofsol.co.nz.


SolarWinds Backup Release 20.7 – adds Recovery Testing and better 2-factor authentication


The automated Recovery Testing feature is now available in more countries. For kiwis, this billable feature is available as our data is stored in the default Australian data centre. Furthermore, to help partners better manage and enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) policies, a new reporting column has been added to the user management interface indicating if 2FA is enabled for each user. For more details, watch the 90-second release video here.


Manage ESET and Kaspersky AV agents from RMM


ESET Direct Endpoint Management (DEM) plugin for RMM, is designed to allow admins to directly manage their ESET endpoints using the existing technologies built into RMM. The ESET Direct Endpoint Management plug-in achieves this by providing RMM Checks and Tasks, for both Windows and macOS endpoints. For more information click here.


Promotion: Enjoy EDR’s benefits, without the cost


Simply commit at least 65% of your RMM nodes to 12 months of EDR, to qualify for special pricing!


If you use SolarWinds Managed Anti-Virus (MAV): we’ll upgrade your committed nodes to EDR. You’ll pay your current MAV price for months 1 to 3. Then only $2.60/device for months 4 to 12.


If you don’t use SolarWinds Managed Anti-Virus: you’ll get EDR free for the first 2 months. Then $2.60/device for months 3 to 12.


In both cases, standard tiered pricing applies after 12 months. This offer expires on September 30. Want more details? Reach out to sales@sofsol.co.nz now.


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