SolarWinds Orion security warning: no impact to RMM customers


Several US Government organisations were recent hacking targets via a product called SolarWinds Orion. It’s an on-premise solution used by large enterprise organisations. While SolarWinds MSP shares the brand name with Orion, we’d like to reassure you that SolarWinds MSP does not use any of the components of Orion. No action is required, as we are not aware of any impact to your RMM customers. Please contact, should you have any concerns.


SolarWinds MSP – All Partners Meeting


Join the SolarWinds MSP team, for insights into what 2021 holds. This new webinar is on-demand and features a chat with President John Pagliuca and EVP of ChannelE2E Joe Panettieri. They provide a business update, discuss how SolarWinds is investing in MSP partners, and share what’s coming next year.


Join Rainesh Patel (Soft Solutions Sales Engineer) and Alex Chandra (SolarWinds MSP Sales Engineer) as they take you through Passportal Sites’ benefits. They’ll explain the business benefits involved, and show you how simple the tool is to use.


The sessions that follow dig deeper, giving further insights from the business update:


  • Group VP of Product Mav Turner discusses where investments will drive greater efficiency for MSPs.
  • Neil McIntosh and TJ Letourneau talk about the Customer Success journey so far.
  • VP of Marketing Robert Wilburn and Sen. Marketing Manager David Poole share info on an upcoming programme launch.


Watch it now by clicking here.


How to access integrated EDR, in RMM


You may have heard the term “endpoint detection and response” (EDR) crop up over the past few years. These solutions were created, to better adapt to the evolution occurring across the threat landscape. Everything modern AV does, EDR takes a step further – providing greater security and (more importantly) peace of mind.


To make control seamless, SolarWinds’ EDR is now fully integrated into RMM’s dashboard. Simply go into the integrations tab in RMM’s portal, to start your free 30-day trial. This video explains how to set up and use EDR. (If you’d like to know more about EDR’s benefits, click here). For any queries, contact us via


SolarWinds EDR: “Liberty SP5” and agent update


On 2nd December, the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product was updated with the “Liberty SP5” release. This release delivers significant enhancements to the management console, as well as an updated version of the Windows, macOS and Linux agent. The Management Console release and the new agents contain many usability enhancements and bug fixes. We strongly recommend upgrading all agents in your environment as soon as possible, to provide the maximum level of protection available. For more details click here.


Meri Kirihimete!


As we reach the end of a year we’ll never forget, the Soft Solutions team wishes you and your family a well-deserved holiday. Soft Solutions formally shuts on 23rd December, and look forward to serving you again from the 5th January. Merry Christmas, and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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