All partners – security briefing


Security is the top-most priority for many partners. It’s why SolarWinds continually invest on R&D. The goal is to improve their solutions’ performance, to help protect your customers better. During this online session, senior leaders and product specialists highlight RMM and Backup’s latest updates. The webinar also includes a general security update, and the steps taken to further harden products. You’ll learn additional best practices you can implement, to protect your MSP business. Join the live event tomorrow, at 1pm. Click here for details (select February 11th in the dropdown).


SolarWinds EDR – major updates occurring today


SolarWinds’ Endpoint Detection and Response product is getting significant enhancements to the management console, as well as its agents. “Machu Picchu SP4” adds previews of blacklists, scheduling of automatic agent upgrades, network quarantining of infected endpoints, remote reloading of agents, and more. It is strongly recommended to upgrade your agents as soon as possible. Check the release notes for full details.


Complimentary internal EDR licenses


SentinelOne has confirmed users of SolarWinds EDR were not affected by the recent nation-state attacks. Due to the importance of security, SolarWinds is providing 25 licenses of integrated EDR for free, until June 30th, 2021.


We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this offer. Advanced endpoint protection is quickly becoming the industry standard. Applying EDR to your environment not only adds a new layer to your security stack, but also helps reassure your customers that their systems / data are in good hands.


Simply reach out to before March 31st, 2021 to obtain these licenses for your own internal use.


Webinar: The Lies We’re Told about Image-Based Backup


Many MSPs complain that image-based backups are now too slow, inconsistent, expensive and labour intensive. SolarWinds Sales Engineer Keith Young, and MSP Director JG Jongsma discuss why it’s time to rethink your backup strategy. See how you can free up hours of your technicians’ time each week, to work on more profitable projects.




  • The myths surrounding image-based backup.
  • What the industry doesn’t want you to know about image-based backup.
  • Simple steps to decrease costs, increase service levels and create happier techs.


It’s on Thursday 18th February, 12pm-1pm NZDT. Click to learn more.


Webinar: Why I switched from Veeam Peer2Peer


After years of using Veeam, Brett Mason of Traction IT did the research, saw the time savings, and decided that SolarWinds Backup was a better fit for his MSP business. In fact, he wishes he had switched much earlier. In this Peer-to-Peer session, Brett shares how:


  • The time savings gained from the change improve profitability.
  • Automated recovery testing provides peace of mind.
  • More efficient backup, positions his firm for well-managed growth.


Guest Speaker and Presenter: Brett Mason, owner of Traction IT; Chris Groot, VP of Sales
It’s on Wednesday 24th February, 1pm-2pm NZDT. Click to learn more.


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