Urgent update required to RMM agents


SolarWinds MSP has informed us about a vulnerability which was recently reported in RMM Windows Agent versions prior to version 10.8.9. If successfully exploited, this could allow a local user to replace files, elevate their privilege, and execute arbitrary commands.


The issue was resolved in the agent version 10.8.9 released on May 22, 2019. If you are running an older Windows agent, please upgrade them as soon as possible to the latest GA version. We take security seriously; ensuring you are on the latest supported version of RMM is an important way to leverage the most up-to-date features that help protect you and your customers. If you have additional questions (around RMM agents or anything else), please contact support for assistance.


To upgrade your agents, log into RMM and go to ‘Agent Auto-update Settings’ on the Agent dropdown menu. You can also right-click individual servers and workstations to update the agent on the ‘Edit Device’ dialog. Use the Device Inventory Report to see which agent versions are on your devices.


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Passportal provides simple, secure password and documentation management for MSPs. The platform is cloud-based and offers channel partners automated password protection. It makes storing, managing, and retrieving passwords and client knowledge quick and easy from any connected device. The product suite also includes value added services like Documentation Manager, Blink (self-serve password resets) and Site (password management as a service).
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Standalone versions now available – Take Control Plus, MSP Manager, Risk Intelligence


You can now access these solutions, without RMM being a prerequisite.


Take Control Plus: a remote support solution that lets your techs access nearly any platform or device, to solve issues quickly. It delivers clear visibility and communication capabilities, to solve technical problems fast. It offers advanced troubleshooting, communication and advanced security features. Learn more.


MSP Manager: this was specifically designed to make ticketing and managing your operation more efficient. It provides simple ticketing, knowledge management, task management, scheduling, and billing features. Learn more.


Risk Intelligence: this tool calculates the real-time risk of a data breach in financial terms. This then helps you build a strong business case for data protection, and triage the most important problems to tackle. Learn more.


Curious how these solutions improve your operations? Reach out to swmsp@sofsol.co.nz for more details.


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