In this update:
  • What’s ahead for RMM?
  • First 10 partners selling extra SolarWinds, pilots a plane.
  • 5 tips for preventing harm after an employee leaves
  • Best practice eBooks to grow your business
What’s ahead for RMM?


Get in-depth insights into RMM’s product roadmap, in this 40 min video. Brian Mackie, Senior Product Manager at SolarWinds takes you through upcoming improvements to core features. He also lists automation updates and other enhancements. All changes fall under three themes: Better Speed and User Interface, Quality of Service, Enhancing Security. They’ll improve existing functionality, robustness and efficiency. Click here to see what’s in-store.


First 10 partners selling extra SolarWinds, pilots a plane.


pilots a plane


Feel the need for speed? We’re giving 10 partners an unforgettable, flight-of-a-lifetime. Get briefed. Strap yourself in. Then take to the skies. Learn to loop and roll like the best, with an instructor alongside you. You’ll get 30 adrenaline-fueled minutes, controlling the joystick, throttle and pedals. Where you go, is up to you.


Simply sell a SolarWinds MSP product you haven’t sold in the last 12 months. This includes newer solutions like PassPortal and EDR, as well as RMM and Backup. Be one of the first 10 partners, to sell 10 devices on a 12-month minimum commit – and you’re in the pilot’s seat. All devices just need to be on the one solution. The promotion is open until March 31, 2020. Training is available in Auckland or Christchurch (note winners will need to get to either location, at their own expense). Intrigued? Find out more details by emailing Will you be one of the ten partners that pilots a plane?


5 tips for preventing harm after an employee leaves


Do your ex-employees still have access to your systems, after they leave? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. According to studies, 89% of ex-employees retain access to at least one application at a former job. As a MSP, that leaves your clients’ critical data dangerously exposed. All it takes is one disgruntled worker, to wreak havoc.


SolarWinds highlights such risks MSPs face, in this infographic. Learn five key tips you can employ, to better protect your business.


Password management software is one of those tips, to address this weakness. PassPortal is one such tool that not only gives your technicians a better way to manage clients’ credentials. It also gives you control, when staff leave. It’s a centralised, cloud-based platform where passwords are stored, searched, changed and easily configured. Curious to find out more? Reach out to for further details, or to set up a trial.


Best practice eBooks to grow your business


SolarWinds has just released three eBooks, packed with tips to improve your operations.


  1. Evaluating backup solutions – a buyer’s guide to data protection. This 10-page eBook includes five key questions every buyer should ask about backup / data protection. It also includes a table of key vendors’ solutions and G2’s scores for easy comparison. Grab a copy here.
  2. Building a security practice within your MSP. This 7-page eBook covers how to create a culture of security at work. Security needs to be woven into your firm’s DNA. The book details 9 areas to consider, and add to your practice. Download a copy here here.
  3. The many ways to steal a password. This 8-page eBook covers the latest tools / techniques of the cyber-criminal trade. Ensure your team’s across these methods. It also offers specific ways to fight back against these methods. Get up to speed here.


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pilots a plane