Recently, I have been reading a lot of forums and blogs for ‘best practise guides’ to avoid any disasters in Windows Active Directory. These best practise guides provide you with enough information to get you started with your AD but it is still not enough. With the help of ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus (RMP), you can empower yourself to bypass the list of ‘best practise guides’ and make data loss the least of your concerns. Any change made without the knowledge of the admin can have devastating effects on your Active Directory environment. The impact of accidental deletions or modifications can be as little as a single object in your AD or as a big as your entire domain controller (your entire server could crash).


Now you might be wondering how this RecoveryManager Plus might provide you with any more comfort than your native Backup/Recovery solutions. Let’s go over few key features of RMP Active Directory that will benefit you:


  • Restore particular files, folders, or volumes to any of their backed-up states
  • Migrate your AD from a physical domain controller to virtual machines without any hassle
  • Restore AD objects granularly
  • Restart-free recovery:
    • Recover deleted AD objects from Windows 2003, 2008, or 2012 servers without having to restart your Domain Controller
  • Rollback is the process of restoring your AD objects (entire AD, individual OUs, individual objects) to an earlier state.
  • Get a preview of values you want to restore
  • AD recycle bin allows you to restore deleted AD objects and all their attributes (including their parent containers) in a single click.
  • Track all changes made to user objects
  • Reverse any unwanted changes to a specific rollback point
  • Maintain multiple versions of your backup for every object
  • Restore to any of the preferred version
 Want to know more about protecting your AD with RecoveryManager Plus? Request a quote or download the FREE edition and get busy in making your Active Directory, virtual machines, and Windows Servers disaster proof!

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