A newly emerging scenario is paging within warehousing facilities and larger buildings. It used to be a case of recommending an analogue speaker paging adapter, to allow for the speakers to be driven with a VoIP PBX. But what if we can recommend a higher quality option to replace such legacy technology?

Grandstream have been teasing their new GSC3505 and GSC3510 SIP speakers with its Beta programme. Their release date is now set for late August of this year. The new SIP GSC3510 intercom features 2 way communication that is feature rich and VoIP based, to work with current VoIP PBX systems. (Note: the GSC3505 is 1-way communications only). As with newer GVC phones, Grandstream have been developing their HD echo acoustic chamber. This allows more air to reverberate from a device, for higher quality announcements. It’s perfect for office, warehousing, school and work environments.

Its 3 directional microphones feature a 2 meter pickup distance. The device also features PoE (Power over Ethernet) for easy deployment, removing the need to run external power to the unit. The use cases are unlimited given its easy deployment abilities and 2 way audio between devices. It’s a great fit for numerous environments and the GSC3510 also features a 2 pin multi-purpose input for peripheral support such as call buttons.

The estimated release of these devices are late August. We will put the devices through their paces and provide an in-depth review, once we have final shipping units. We are certainly excited about the deployment opportunities these upcoming speakers bring.

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