Today, Microsoft Office is the backbone of every organisation. Without applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, it would be impossible to complete our everyday tasks. Microsoft has definitely come a long way from the traditional Office suite to the cloud-based Office 365. With convenient access from any location, Office 365 has become a core business requirement. However, there are still limitations with Office365 that can’t be ignored, such as confusing and inconvenient management consoles and a lack of reporting.


ManageEngine provides a powerful solution to this challenge – Office 365 Manager Plus which allows you to drill down into your Microsoft Office 365 environment to provide granular data. O365 Manager Plus provides one-stop Office 365 reporting, Management, auditing and alerts. Here’s how O365 Manager Plus can enhance your experience with Office 365:


The comprehensive pre-configured reports provide you with the information and visibility, which is not available in the native Microsoft Office 365 reports. You can schedule the reports to be generated on a weekly, monthly, daily, or even on an hourly basis and have it mailed to you in CSV, PDF, HTML or XLS format. You can also create your own report views, profiles, and make use of advanced filtering features to retrieve the required data.
  • O365 Manager Plus provides usage reports for Exchange Online, Skype for Business, and OneDrive for Business and also provides highly-detailed, dedicated reports for license management.
  • Using the License Details report, you will be able to filter your Office 365 users based on the business unit which will further help you to divide your Office 365 license costs.
  • You can use the usage reports to analyze usage statistics for Office 365 services. With detailed usage statistics in hand, you are able to make license changes that will help you reduce your overall Office 365 spending.
O365 Manager Plus substantially reduces the amount of time spent on management tasks by enabling administrators to manage users, groups, and licenses in bulk.
  • Password management – save time by resetting user passwords
  • License management – Add or remove licenses to simplify license management
  • User management – Perform activities like user creation with a license, user permission changes, and more
  • Group management – Organize groups and choose whether they receive internal or external emails
With O365 Manager Plus you can view audit reports with ease. It provides individual audit reports for every possible activity inside Office 365. All the audit reports can be scheduled and exported to PDF, XLS, CSV, or HTML format. O365 Manager Plus provides audit reports for the following Office 365 services:
  • Exchange Online
  • Azure AD
  • Skype for Business
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Sway
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power BI
Microsoft Office 365 has limits on how long you can recover historical data based on the data being audited. O365 Manager Plus stores audit data forever to preserve complete records. It also keeps audit reports updated in real time.
With O365 Manager Plus you can create customized alerts for each Office 365 feature and keep an eye on all malicious activities so you don’t have to continuously check your audit reports. Custom alerts can be created for all the user and admin activities. Once created, the admin will receive real-time email alerts with details on the action that triggered the alert.


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