Late last year we announced that Nuance had a brand new Partner Portal for Nuance Resellers which is full of valuable sales tools for helping to sell the core imaging solutions of Power PDF, PaperPort and OmniPage. If you haven’t yet signed up please visit: to do so. The Nuance APAC Deal Registration Program is designed to reward Nuance resellers in the APAC region for supporting Nuance Core Imaging products (Power PDF, OmniPage, PaperPort). As market demand continues to grow for the Nuance Power PDF solution, Nuance are committed to ensuring that their valued partners have all the necessary tools available to turn opportunities in to sales.


It takes only 3 very simple steps to register a deal:


  1. Register your sales opportunity – once logged in to the Partner Portal at register your deal in advance of closing it by completing the form located on the homepage when you click on “Register a deal”.
  2. Your Nuance regional sales manager (newly appointed Ali El-Kabbout based in Sydney) will contact you to confirm that your registration is valid (i.e. no one else has registered the deal) and advise of additional margin they can offer to assist with the deal.  Nuance will then ask Soft Solutions to provide the appropriate quotation to you which will be valid for 30 days and can be refreshed if needed.
  3. Close your Nuance solution deal.


One of the big advantages of Nuance APAC Deal Registration is that once you have had a deal registration approved it is locked in for 90 days which gives you a price advantage over other resellers in the market – no one else can register the same deal and access the additional margins offered.


The goal of the program is simple: to help you sell more and earn more on each sale! If you have further questions, contact our sales team today.



Nuance APAC Deal Registration