StorageCraft recently announced their new partnership with Google Cloud, allowing services such as Cloud Backup and Cloud Services to be faster and more streamlined. That’s critical when you need to recover fast!

Following the adoption of Google Cloud, StorageCraft also announced changes to their Cloud Basic offering, within their Cloud Services portfolio.

Key changes:

  • The price for the ShadowProtect and Cloud Basic bundle has reduced by over 60%!
  • Storage capacity is now 500GB per machine, as opposed to 1TB.
  • Annual retention is now included in Cloud Basic.

All other features like BMR image drives, seed drives, and other Cloud Basic features and services remain the same.

These changes came into effect on the 10th of May. Any machine added into Cloud Basic after this date will benefit from the new changes.

This revised Cloud Basic offering is perfect for price-conscious end-users, not yet ready for a full disaster-recovery service like Cloud Premium. It gives cloud replication and bare-metal restore functionalities from a market-leading solution, to protect them from disasters and threats.

With ransomware on the rise, ensure your most vital systems are replicated offsite or in the cloud.

google cloud

What happens if I already have customers on the previous Cloud Basic level?

From the 10th of May, these machines will be automatically upgraded to the Cloud Plus service level at no extra cost for the rest of 2021. From the 1st of January 2022, these upgraded machines will then be invoiced at Cloud Plus pricing.

These changes apply to Cloud Basic only and will be reflected in May’s usage billing. The current Cloud Plus and Cloud Premium service levels will remain the same, with 1TB storage standard along with the current feature set and pricing.

google cloud

Want to know more about how this revised Cloud Basic offering helps your customers? Reach out to us for a demonstration and a trial!