Ransomware attacks are still on the rise. It has evolved into a highly lucrative business for organised crime syndicates. IT security vendors alone, cannot absolutely guarantee the protection of clients’ data from ransomware attacks. Make sure you never pay the ransom with StorageCraft.

StorageCraft offers a last line of defence. Learn how to fight ransomware with StorageCraft Recovery Solutions:

  • ShadowXafe – a next-generation data protection solution. ShadowXafe is easy to deploy and manage, and it ensures secure data protection, less application downtime, and improved productivity. Provides host-based and agent-based next-generation data protection. Dependable complete physical and virtual system backup and disaster recovery. Boot backup images as virtual machines (VMs) in milliseconds. Cloud-based management from anywhere at any time with StorageCraft OneSystem. OneSystem is a cloud-based unified management platform featuring a true SLAbased protection framework. For the on-premises deployment option, OneSystem seamlessly integrates into VMware vCenter and Hyper-V environments, delivering a simple deployment experience that’s similar to setting up a virtual appliance. Policy setup provides DRaaS as an option for 100 percent business continuity.
  • StorageCraft Cloud Services – provides Disaster Recovery as a Service. Replicate OneXafe, ShadowXafe, or ShadowProtect backup images to our disaster-recovery cloud, which gives you the tools you need to keep business running no matter what happens. Access cloud data anywhere, anytime using this highly distributed and fault-tolerant disaster recovery cloud with 99.999+ percent uptime.
  • OneXafe – a converged data platform unifying data protection with scale-out storage. OneXafe provides flexible deployment and protects both virtual and physical environments. OneXafe eliminates management complexity while significantly reducing primary and secondary storage costs. OneXafe minimizes storage requirements with powerful data reduction technologies such as inline deduplication and compression, reducing costs of storage and operational expenses. OneXafe integrates with DRaaS to provide total business continuity with a complete, orchestrated virtual fail-over to the cloud in case of disaster when used with Cloud Services.

Never pay the ransom with StorageCraft. Learn more here.

Never pay the ransom