In this update:
  • Webinar: Why N-able backup?
  • RMM’s integration to Autotask / ConnectWise PSAs is changing
  • 4 reasons to use N-able EDR, with N-able RMM
  • Promotion: Get N-able EDR for same price as N-able Managed Antivirus
  • Webinar: Optimising EDR for RMM boot camp
Webinar: Why N-able backup?

In the current market for security services, offering backup goes without saying. The challenge for MSPs is finding an efficient backup solution that reduces the time / resources required to make the service more profitable. Join N-able Backup Head Nerd Eric Harless in an upcoming webinar Why N-able Backup. He’ll show you how N-able Backup helps you by providing:

  • Unique software architecture built by MSPs, for MSPs.
  • Backup recovery testing.
  • Backup for Microsoft 365.

Join us on Wednesday 17th November at 1pm to learn more. We’ll also be joined by Tim Clarkson from Oxygen IT – an N-able partner based in Tauranga. Tim will share insights on how N-able Backup helps improve Oxygen IT’s efficiency and profitability. Learn more here.

RMM’s integration to Autotask / ConnectWise PSAs is changing

Both PSAs will be retiring support for their legacy APIs. This means that you’ll need to change the way your RMM integrates with either PSA, to ensure continued PSA support. The change needs to be made by December 17. Thankfully, it only involves a few simple steps!

N-able has provided us a list of affected customers and we’re currently reaching out. If you are using these PSAs and have not been contacted, then please email We will send you instructions on how to ensure your PSA and RMM continue to function properly. Please also email if you have any other concerns.

4 reasons to use N-able EDR, with N-able RMM

Threats today are constantly evolving. This lets them slip past signature-based AV solutions more easily, to impact businesses via ransomware attacks and zero-day attacks. What are options are you left with? Powered by SentinelOne, N-able Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) uses advanced AI engines to detect threats with behavioural AI. It responds effectively through automation, and rolls back attacks quickly if anything gets through.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider using N-able EDR in conjunction with N-able RMM.

  1. Integration and ease of deployment.
  2. Analyse all threats.
  3. Automate your defences.
  4. If in doubt, roll back!

Curious about more details? Check out the full blog here.

Promotion: Get N-able EDR for same price as N-able Managed Antivirus

If you currently use N-able Managed Anti-virus (MAV), you can upgrade to EDR for the same price as MAV for 6 months. This reverts back to standard pricing after month 6.

If you don’t use N-able MAV – you can still get EDR for $1.30 per node for the first 6 months, then standard price applies thereafter.

In both cases, a minimum 12 month commitment and 50 nodes does apply. Hurry, this offer expires on 31 December 2021. Want more details? Reach out to

Webinar: Optimising EDR for RMM boot camp

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges MSPs currently face. With N-able’s Endpoint Detection and Response (powered by SentinelOne) you can bring enterprise grade security to your endpoints. Join our Security Nerd, Lewis Pope, as he explores why EDR is a paradigm shift from:

  • normal anti-virus solutions
  • how to improve resiliency against ransomware attacks
  • how to take advantage of EDR’s network and device control to harden environments

The optimising EDR for RMM boot camp webinar will be on Wednesday November 10th, 3-4pm. Find out more here.

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