Unfortunately, Windows 10 and 8 have gone public with an exploitable zero-day vulnerability. Despite 100+ days since its release, Microsoft is still looking for a solution to fix the bug.  It’s actually a bug within SymCrypt, the core cryptographic library responsible for implementing asymmetric crypto algorithms in Windows 10 and symmetric crypto algorithms in Windows 8. While this is relatively low severity, it still has the capacity to take down an entire Windows fleet easily.

Nothing can be as terrorising as a zero-day vulnerability residing in your network’s endpoints. Imagine your business-critical systems having a vulnerability that has been exploited in the wild, but you don’t have a patch to fix it. Vulnerability

Attackers get leeway to:

  • Tamper with sensitive data.
  • Execute arbitrary code.
  • Disclose confidential information.

Do you ever scan and discover exposed areas of your local and remote office endpoints, as well as roaming devices?

You cannot always rely on your native tools nor vendors to keep your network secure. In some scenarios, when vendors cannot fix the bug within a given time frame, it’s ideal to leverage external tools to provide an extra layer of security.


Vulnerability Manager Plus offers pre-built, tested scripts to mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities like Wannacry, Meltdown, Spectre and Petya ransomware. These scripts help secure your endpoints by enforcing configuration hardening, altering registry values, closing vulnerable ports and thereby mitigate the likelihood of an exploit.

Vulnerability Manager Plus is an integrated threat and vulnerability management software that can help in vulnerability scanning, assessment, and remediation across all endpoints from a centralised console.


Curious to know how it works? Download a 30-day trial to evaluate it in your environment and see how the features work.

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Dhruv Patel | Senior Pre-sales Solutions Engineer