As an admin, you are not always present on your desk, instead, you are out and about patching cables, fixing servers, etc. You need to be on top of all your tickets and deliver your customer’s requests within an appropriate time period. Apps can help sometimes. As an admin, you need to multi-task and stay on top of things. When a password reset request comes through or you are asked to make few changes in the AD, you have to make your way back to your desk to accomplish the tasks.


ManageEngine allows you to achieve this with the free apps which are available for Android, Windows & iOS. You don’t need to worry about taking your laptop/tablet with you when you are out on a job. The free apps allow you to control your ManageEngine products with just your fingertips, literally.


Let’s see the products that offer free apps:


Helpdesk Tools – ServiceDesk Plus On-Premises, ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, ServiceDesk Plus MSP, Support Center Plus
  • Create, edit, pick up, assign, and resolve tickets straight from ServiceDesk Plus’s mobile interface – don’t be dependent on your laptop all the time.
  • Tackle your tickets while on the go
Desktop Central
  • Desktop Central App enables you as an IT admin to perform tasks like Managing Desktops & laptops on the go
  • Few features include Patch Management, Asset Management & Remote Control which frees you from being stuck at the office, thereby making you more productive.
Mobile Device Management
  • The MDM app facilitates enrolling corporate and BYOD mobile devices into ManageEngine’s MDM software console, whether On-Premises or Cloud based.
  • This enables you to resourcefully manage them through profiling and enforcing restrictions as per your need.
  • The Android & iOS App for OpManager helps you as a data centre administrator to stay linked to your IT environment and access it from anywhere, at any time.
  • It offers quick access to OpManager to view the performance of the devices and troubleshoot any issues promptly.
ADManager Plus
  • With the ability to implement critical user management tasks ‘on the move’, this app puts you and your technicians in firm control over all Active Directory user accounts, always!
ADSelfService Plus
  • Allows your end-users with mobile password management capabilities.
  • Gives them the ability to reset their forgotten windows active directory passwords and unlock their locket out domain accounts, on the go.
Password Manager Pro
  • Password Manager Pro’s Android & iOS apps are designed to bring enterprise password management to your fingerprints, letting you manage passwords and control privileged access.
Applications Manager
  • Get notified of application outages or health problems in real time and quickly address issues before your users are impacted.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting functions and take remedial actions from the luxury of your smartphones.
Patch Manager Plus
  • Patch management tasks like patching desktops, laptops, servers, virtual machines can now be performed on the go, at any moment, anywhere.
NetFlow Analyzer
  • NetFlow Analyzer’s Android & iOS app lets you track your LAN & WAN traffic from anywhere, at any time.
With the help of ManageEngine’s free apps, you can now stay up to date with your work no matter where you are. You don’t need to carry your laptop/tablet with you every time you go out. All you need is your smartphone and a free app to stay connected with your customers and keep them happy and satisfied.

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