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Is your data stuck in various silos across your organisation? Does it feel impossible to get timely, actionable insights? Explore a different way to get information out of these silos – via a single solution. Analytics Plus 5.0 fuels your IT growth strategy, with AI-driven analytics. Join this 30 minute webinar with ManageEngine NZ’s Andre C (Sales Support) and Kris S (Product Manager), as they take you through its features. Learn how to use out-of-the-box IT analytics, to make faster decisions. Envisage future scenarios, with powerful forecasting algorithms. Learn how to connect to IT apps, import data from databases, and gain insight into all facets of your IT.

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Kent RO

Backup and restore your Google Workspace

ManageEngine’s RecoveryManager Plus can now securely backup / restore all Gmail inboxes, user drives, calendars and contacts in your Google Workspace domain. It also facilitates item level restoration of drive and mailbox items. Simply set incremental backups to occur, at desired fixed intervals.

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Site24x7 monitoring capabilities via WHMCS

Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is used by hosting providers for billing and customer management. Now you have the ability to use Site24x7’s WHMCS plugin, and setup Site24x7. This offers powerful website monitoring services to your customers.

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Kent RO

Password Manager Pro supports SSL certificate discovery

Did you know that Password Manager Pro now supports SSL certificate discovery, from UNC (Universal Naming Convention) shared paths for Linux, Windows and Mac OS machines? Integration with Buypass GO SSL and Zero SSL is also available. The integration with MDM also automates the life cycle management of SSL / TLS certificates deployed to mobile devices.

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Kent RO

Kent RO sees 50% faster MTTR with Applications Manager

Kent RO Systems produces healthcare products – providing India with the first commercially available water purifier. Kent RO needed a solution that’d give their IT team holistic insights into every component of their infrastructure stack. It needed precise root cause analysis of potential problems, before it impacted customers. Learn how Applications Manager helped detect issues and reduce Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) by 50%.

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Extend file access control to temporary devices

An employee, subcontractor or vendor may want to use their own device(s) to complete their day to day tasks. It can be hard to identify the intent of these devices. With Device Control Plus, gain control over 3rd party collaborations by setting an exact time frame for device usage and limiting data access to mission-critical files.

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Mobile Device Manager expands support

Mobile Device Manager (MDM) now supports enrolling iPads as Shared Devices through Apple Business Manager. MDM also supports configuring Managed Guest sessions for Chrome OS devices and systematically rotating the personal recovery keys for efficient FileVault management. Finally, you can also configure AD certificate policy for macOS devices, additional Device Privacy Settings and much more.

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