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Prepared for the next cyberattack?

Recent DoS attacks have crippled the NZX, MetService, Westpac and RNZ. Prevent the next wave of cyberattacks and improve productivity, through effective management of endpoints, OSs, patches, and enterprise mobility. Santhosh (Technical Account Manager for Unified Endpoint Management at ManageEngine) is running this virtual session on November 4th at 3:00pm. In this free session learn how to combat cyber threats with effective endpoint management, how to empower your mobile workforce without compromising on security and explore ManageEngine’s endpoint security solutions through live demos.

Identity Access Management – upskill this week

According to the Risk Based Security report, the first quarter of 2020 alone witnessed a whopping 273% increase in the total number of records breached compared to 2019 Q1. Worried your organisation could be next? Attend our virtual seminar on October 14th and 15th, 2:00pm. Over the 2 days, you will discover how a SIEM solution can help secure your network from potential data breaches and more. This is especially vital, when many employees are working from home.

Scale your IT, to get a cloud advantage

Is it time to equip your IT team with more advanced solutions, to better secure your IT environment? New tools make it easier to monitor, manage and secure your multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments. ManageEngine has a range of solutions that seamlessly communicate with each other, to streamline your IT workflows.

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Ace your data security with 4 fundamentals

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Is it time to refresh or update your basic data security knowledge? Data security is an ongoing learning process. Make sure you are constantly up to date, and protected against cyber threats in their latest forms. Discover the finer points to safeguarding your business critical-data. 

Ensure you’ve got the basics of data security right. And learn how else you can reinforce your data security strategies, to better protect your organisation’s data.

Ensure users have a seamless digital experience

Have you heard of synthetic monitoring? This technique is used with scripted transactions to simulate user behaviour on a website. It can help detect performance issues before they impact the users on your site.

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Use it to improve, analyse and continuously test app performance by synthetic simulation – on browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This ensures a smoother digital experience for users.

Use business workflows to streamline identity governance

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Too busy to keep track of employee access and identity changes? It’s time to empower managers to validate such requests, with automated workflows. Identity workflows are designed to manage access rights of apps / data, to ensure authorisation requests are reviewed.

This ensures employees have the right access, at the right time. A workflow will allow IT security teams to oversee any changes in the system and intervene when required.

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