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We discuss how Privileged Access Management (PAM) helps firms manage access to crucial IT resources, and how traditional practices can leave a door open for cyberattacks. Now’s your chance to learn from an expert who’s implemented PAM solutions with customers across the globe.

ManageEngine’s international clients include Adidas, BBC and NASA. In NZ they include Mercury Energy, Foodstuffs and Southern Cross. Praveen Kumar will be joining via video conference, to discuss key points and answer your questions. Our Soft Solutions team will provide a kiwi context. Discuss, learn, participate.

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Detecting insider threats and attacks for dummies


How do you detect anomalies hiding within millions of network logs? How do you trace an attacker’s path, across multiple devices? How do you monitor attack patterns relevant to your environment? These are some important questions that needs answering after an attack happens (or to help prevent one in the first place).

Quite a few organisations are turning to User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) and User Behaviour Analytics (UBA). These help their SIEM technology detect attacks with more precision and a broader scope. The great thing about UEBA/UBA is that it detects what a traditional SIEM can’t, by looking for odd user behaviour. ManageEngine has a short e-book, detailing how you can detect insider threats / attacks with 100% accuracy. The e-book includes hot tips, use-cases and best practices to simplify detecting such threats.

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Secure remote access, for privileged sessions


With the growing complexity of modern IT infrastructure, enterprises need a secure, remote access provisioning solution. It should enable the right employee, privileged access to critical systems, regardless of location or time. But providing remote privileged users access, presents huge security and privacy challenges.

Traditional solutions like VPNs simply don’t cut it anymore. Consider newer solutions like Access Manager Plus. It enables direct, secure access to every infrastructure component – spread across public and private clouds. It gives granular control, recording all actions, monitoring and providing real-time info on every privileged session.

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