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How to overcome IT project management issues

If you’re a project manager (PM), you’ll know that IT projects can get complex, quick. Many large IT projects involve various people / technologies / solutions, to successfully complete on time. A PM’s main goal is to drive successful outcomes at each project stage, by controlling these variables.

PMs are responsible for ensuring their team is on track, and to help overcome any difficulties they encounter. Learn more about what issues PMs face and how to overcome them below.

9 cybersecurity myths busted

ManageEngine conducted a partner survey a few months ago, and have created a new infographic based on their findings. It includes 9 cybersecurity myths, and the actual reality behind each misconception. There are also 3 tips to ensure network security.

Cyber Town: your daily source of cyber news

While Cybersecurity Awareness Month has passed, it is still important to be aware of the cyber threats out there. It affects businesses on a monthly basis. That’s why ManageEngine are bringing together a 24/7 security awareness programme, via their exclusive blogs.

This allows you to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity news. Categories cover ransomware, hacking, security alerts to data breaches.

Tool kit expands with Intune update management

Patch Connect Plus has an expanding repository of 600+ deployment ready updates. Which means users don’t have to face the daunting task of downloading or preparing each third-party update, before carrying out deployment to client systems.

The Patch Connect Plus Enterprise edition now offers update management for Microsoft Intune. This is a new way of managing updates for a plethora of third-party apps over the cloud. To find out more, Kris (Solutions Delivery Manager) covers Intune application management and Cyber Town in this video.

Monitor Azure Services proactively

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a cloud based, enterprise integration messaging service. It helps in decoupling applications and services. It can also act as a secure platform for asynchronous data transfer.

Applications Manager lets you visualise Azure Service Bus performance, ensure smooth business operations, automate corrective actions and discover errors. With Site24x7 you can monitor over 100 Azure services. Get insights into the availability / performance of your entire Microsoft Azure infrastructure – including applications running on the platform.

ADManager Plus spruces up integration capabilities

Custom integration options have been introduced to ADManager Plus. This allows you to integrate any HCM application of choice, for frictionless AD management. GPO reporting will also be reinforced with five new reports (ranging from GPO modelling to GPO application status).

Inactive policy setting reports will be added for easier GPO management. Click to find out more about the different integrations available with ADManager Plus.

New advanced remote access capabilities

The latest version of PAM360 fortifies and secures privileged remote access, by integrating with Access Manager Plus. PAM360 now supports bidirectional remote file transfers, jump servers, RemoteApps for Windows systems, customised gateway settings and more.

Final call to upgrade your ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine is reminding existing ServiceDesk Plus customers, that support is not offered to builds over a year old. If you are a customer using an older version of ServiceDesk Plus (Build 9.0 or earlier), you may be at risk of security bugs that have been fixed on later versions.

As stated in ManagEngine’s support policy, you are restricted from getting product support if you are on an older version. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest build immediately.

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