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Join Kris S (ManageEngine NZ), as he shows you how to fully utilise ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus. Learn about the latest features, tips and tricks – so you get the most from this solution. This classroom training occurs over 2 days. There’s opportunity to also ask your toughest questions, to maximise the value from attending.

At the end of the training course, you will be able to:

  • Manage and maintain your ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus application server
  • Set up Incident, Services Catalogues and Problem management
  • Define Change Management and customise workflows
  • Discover and manage assets effectively
  • Enable a self-service and knowledge management portal
  • Manage Software and Hardware inventory
  • Handle Purchase and Contract management
  • Utilise reports and setup up custom reports, alerts and dashboards

The trainer Kris S, typically charges out at $2500 per day for his on-site services. This comprehensive 2-day training course is substantially less. It’s a rare opportunity to access this level of in-depth expertise.

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ManageEngine IT operations management seminar

IT operations

With the global pandemic last year, there were a lot of organisations that migrated to a remote workforce model. While the recovery from the pandemic is still ongoing, IT administrators are presented with a new challenge.

How do you best manage an organisation’s IT operations, for a remote AND on-site workforce? The hybrid model is here to stay and streamlining it is the next IT challenge. Join ManageEngine on Tuesday May 4th at 2:00pm for this webinar. Get better equipped, to address the challenges of managing hybrid IT operations. There are 2 x 2 hour concurrent streams, allowing you to select the one most relevant to your needs.

Seminar highlights include:

  • Identify the major challenges of your organisation’s home and office based workforce.
  • Analyse the flaws in your VPN, bandwidth, and network configurations. Learn the best strategies to overcome them.
  • Detect application at risk and uncover vulnerabilities in your network. Equip your organisation to handle the existing, hidden, and pending dangers.
  • Predict future needs for your organisation. Improve the consistency, security and longevity of your IT operations.
  • Discuss challenges faced in your organisation. Gain valuable tips and insights from our ITOM experts.

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IT operations

When it comes to ManageEngine, many people think that it is only an ITSM tool. However it also specialises in ITOM, AD Management and Security. These solutions not only tightly integrate with each other, but also with other third party applications. This allows you to create business workflows, automate BAU (Business As Usual) tasks, and minimise time-consuming manual tasks. Better still, a few of these solutions are packaged together so you can use more, at a lower cost.

Due to its massive product portfolio, ManageEngine solves the pain of having different vendor solutions in different areas. It integrates solutions under a single umbrella, to make your life easier. Join this free 30-minute webinar to learn how ManageEngine can solve many of your current pain points.

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Cybersecurity’s evolved. Stay prepared.

The past year has seen a global shift in operations, with major impacts to the evolution of cybersecurity. Security practices have been tested like never before. Rapidly accelerated digital operations and remote work increased the risk of cyberattacks.

Curious how the threat landscape has evolved, and what new cyber threats are out there in 2021? Wondering how to overcome these new challenges?

To stay prepared, this report gives key insights.

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ManageEngine receives new PinkVERIFY ITIL 4 certification

Pink Elephant’s PinkVERIFY certification has been the industry gold standard for decades. It has been a valuable tool to help many organisations choose the right ITSM tool for their needs.

The PinkVERIFY badge is a symbol of the tool’s quality and compatibility with ITIL 4 practices, functionality, terminology, integration and workflow requirements. ManageEngine’s flagship ITSM solution, ServiceDesk Plus has joined a very select group of solutions to receive Pink Elephant’s ITIL 4 compatibility certification. It met 100% of the evaluation criteria.

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