With the addition of Standard Edition, you now have a choice between 3 different Editions:
  • Free Edition – Manage up to 25 mobile devices
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Edition
Unfamiliar with Mobile Device Manager?
Mobile Device Manager Plus is an affordable Web-based solution that safeguards, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across the enterprise with addition of the ‘Over-the-air’ (OTA) distribution of applications for all types of devices and OS for both employee-owned and company-owned devices. Tasks like Software updates can be automated with MDM Plus to enhance the productivity of IT Admins and reduce their workload. This type of automation can also cut costs for your organization.
Why should you consider ManageEngine MDM Standard Edition?


If you are new to a MDM solution, starting from a Standard Edition could be the right first step as initially you may have simpler requirements. Professional edition option is readily available so upgrading won’t be a problem as your requirements mature.
Few of the key features supported in the MDM Standard Edition are:
  • Easy Device Enrollment: Mobile Device Manager Plus Standard Edition supports multiple Device Enrollment methods such as:
  • Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) which allows you to enroll corporate iOS Devices with ease
  • Apple Configurator: intended to configure and enroll corporate-owned iOS devices in the enterprise through a USB
  • Samsung KNOX Enrollment
  • QR Enrollment
  • Profile Management: You can create profiles and publish them to one single managed device or a group of managed devices.
    • With Profiles, you can easily manage configurations for – Wi-Fi, Kiosk, Restrictions, Web Content Filtering, Email, Exchange ActiveSync, Device Functionality Restrictions and Certificates
  • Application Management: There are two kinds of apps, Enterprise Apps & Google Play apps / App Store apps. Mobile Device Manager Plus delivers the ability to manage the apps Over-The-Air (OTA) to groups/devices. All the editions in the ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus supports App Management.
  • Security Management: You can secure your data in your mobile devices even in the event of the device being lost or missing from MDM dashboard. In a case of a user losing their phone, ManageEngine MDM Plus Standard Edition can Remote Lock the device, Remote Alarm the device and Remote Wipe the device from the Web-Based dashboard.
The Professional Edition additionally provides the following features to your managed devices:
  • Content Distribution
  • Geo-Tracking
  • Find My Phone
  • Remote Control
  • Conditional Exchange Access
Mobile Device Manager Plus really allows you to manage all your mobile phones and tablets in your organization’s network. These configurations will aid you in maintaining security of the devices and regulate them smoothly and securely from a central location. Talk to our ManageEngine team and find out more about the product.
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