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Keep your customer’s internet and emails safe with Manage Protect! Founded in 2008, Manage Protect is an Australian company that provides a range of MSP focused solutions including; MPmail, MPweb, MParchive, and many more. The company started with the goal of moving away from traditional on-premise hosting to cloud-based security technology, which at the point was something very new.

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The introduction of cloud-based security was something Soft Solutions saw as a step forward in technology at that point and became the NZ distributor for Manage Protect. Being the exclusive NZ distributor for Manage Protect gives us a close partnership with the vendor and helps us to provide the best local support for the brand. As MP is based out of Australia they have a better understanding of the New Zealand market, they understand the struggles of what a New Zealand MSP faces and choose to stay directly involved in the support of our local MSP’s.

Why Manage Protect?

MSP Specialist

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are their focus; they understand your world, your challenges and your customers. Cloud Technology through the channel – it’s all they do!

100% Channel

Partners can be confident of no conflict with a direct sales team. They offer our services exclusively through a select group of reputable and certified partners that are trusted to deliver the right solution.

Technical Support

Manage Protect offers technical support, from both Australia and New Zealand. Technical support is available from 9am-11pm NZT, as well as 24/7 on-call. You can contact them at 0800 141 481

Australian Based

Manage Protect is based out of Australia and provides all of their services through secure Australian data centres. They also have a better understanding of the MSP market in New Zealand.


The never-ending battle to protect email communications from spam, viruses and other threats can be particularly draining on organisations with limited IT resources or email threat expertise. Businesses that rely on efficient email communications can turn to Manage Protect for help in eliminating the email threats that sap productivity, increase storage, bandwidth and administrative costs, and put their networks at risk.


MParchive delivers true “business grade” email archiving technology to small to medium businesses for a fraction of the cost without the need to purchase hardware, install software or manage ongoing maintenance. EVERY email that any person in your business sends and receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever. Individual users may also access their own archive so they can be comfortable in deleting emails and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.



No Hardware. No Software. No Spyware. With no hardware or software to manage, a lower total cost of ownership and better protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and inappropriate online usage. This comprehensive solution can replace or enhance any company’s existing security infrastructure.

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