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Ransomware protection

One successful attack can halt your business operations and negatively impact your brand and customers. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection proactively fights ransomware at every stage of the attack chain with a blend of signature and signature-less technologies.

Antivirus replacement

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection mounts an effective defence against advanced threats by offering comprehensive defence, employing both static and dynamic detection techniques, across these vectors.

Antivirus augmentation

Cybercriminals leverage multiple attack vectors to successfully bypass the signature-based detection technology used by traditional antivirus. That’s why nearly 44% of organizations are looking to augment their existing antivirus solution with advanced endpoint protection that includes both static and dynamic detection techniques.

Automated endpoint remediation

Malwarebytes automates malware removal to reduce dwell time and minimize risk.

Smarter tech, bigger data

Having an in-depth knowledge of the brand and who it can work for is something that really shows how much we endorse Malwarebytes as a strong competitor in the malware protection industry. That is also why the Malwarebytes MSP program was piloted in the Australia and New Zealand market, with Soft Solutions being involved in the design process of the new service. Malwarebytes is an international brand recognised as a leader in fighting the new wave of malware currently taking the world by storm.

Even with the increasing amount of attacks they still manage to keep their software up to date with all the latest malware, staying one step ahead of the game. With this increase of malware attacks in the past few years, we here at Soft Solutions feel every New Zealand business has the right to a malware free existence and is now easier than ever for that to be a reality.

Traditional antivirus relies on outdated signature-based technology that addresses threats at the execution stage of the attack chain. It’s reactive, one-dimensional, and apparently isn’t effective. Malwarebytes employs several proprietary technologies that work together to break the attack chain, from pre-delivery to post-execution.

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Malwarebytes is one of the key brands here at Soft Solutions as we are the exclusive New Zealand distributor for the brand.

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