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Your urgent attention is needed for any of your customers that are currently running a version of 3CX IP PBX prior to 15.5 SP6. Due to a recent change by Google with their SSL Certificates, older versions of 3CX (prior to 15.5 SP6) will be unable to activate from the 15th September 2018.


For your Subscription Customers you just need to ensure they are running 15.5 SP6 – for your Perpetual Customers 3CX have put maintenance on all affected accounts until 31st October 2018 so that customers can upgrade FREE of charge. However, the change needs to be made as soon as possible prior to 15th September 2018 – if the 3CX IP PBX dials the activation server (in version 14 this is weekly, for version 12/12.5 when changes are made) after this time the account will be transferred to a free subscription of Standard making the upgrade more difficult.


Below is a message that has been sent to all 3CX Reseller partners directly by 3CX where their customers are affected – end customers have also received a notification from 3CX. The key message is to act now to upgrade your clients before the SSL Certificate change occurs on September 15th.

Apologies for the short notice, but 3CX have only just shared this news with us

3CX Announcement


One or more of your customers appears to be running an outdated version of 3CX. We have released a number of new features and security updates since then and it is imperative that these customers are moved to the latest version, v15.5. 3CX license reactivation will fail!
On September 15th, 3CX will update the certificates which are required to activate 3CX products. This change is due to numerous reasons. Firstly, the SSL certificates will expire on this date and also there is a conflict between Mozilla/Google and the certificate issuer. If you try to reactivate the current installation for any reason, reactivation will fail. If you do not upgrade, and you make any changes to the hardware or to the public IP, the PBX will revert to free mode after this date.


Upgrade Now – Use our special FREE upgrade and FREE maintenance offer
In order to ease the upgrade process we have decided to give active customers a free upgrade to v15.5. That’s right, there is no charge at all to get their system up to date, secure and with lots of new features. In addition, we have extended their maintenance (if expired) until the 31st October 2018.These are the steps you need to take:


  • Step 1: Take a backup of the current configuration.
  • Step 2: Install v15.5 and activate the license key (the one that you are currently using).
  • Step 3: If you want to migrate configuration data, follow the steps outlined in the manual. In short:
    • V11: Download V12, V12.5 and V14 then migrate to each version using backup and restore.
    • V12: Download V12.5 and V14 then migrate to each version using backup and restore.
    • V12.5: Download V14 then migrate to it using backup and restore.
    • V14: Make a backup and then use it during installation of v15.5
    • V15: Keep updating from the management console until you have reached v15.5 SP5 (and SP6 when available)


If you don’t have time to do this, depending on the license size, we can perform the conversion for you. Please let us know by replying to this email in order to discuss!
We will also email all active users on old versions to inform them of this offer and the need to upgrade to V15.5.

A few reasons to upgrade:


  • Zero admin solution – Many tedious admin tasks have been automated to save time
  • More IP Phone & gateway support – V15.5 supports certain Avaya and Grandstream device
  • Intuitive Web Client – User-friendly web client regardless of OS
  • Bulletproof security – A+ rating from SSL Labs, encryption via SRTP and more
  • Integrated WebRTC video conferencing – No need for additional software or licensing
  • New CRM Integrations – Out of the box integration for Freshdesk, Office 365 and more
  • Advanced Smartphone apps – iOS and Android apps are taken to a whole new level with v15.5

Feel free to reply to this email and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch.
Please do not ignore this email!
The 3CX Team

If you need some assistance to get these upgrades performed within the available timeframe, Soft Solutions have chargeable resources available to assist, either on-site or by remote connection – contact Matt to discuss.




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