For many years all Microsoft SBS customers have taken advantage of the included Exchange Server for their e-mail needs but since Microsoft’s move to discontinue SBS it has become evident how expensive Exchange Server really is. Not everyone is ready to be 100% cloud based with Office 365 so here at Soft Solutions we have taken a look around to find a better, cost effective, on-premise solution to help our resellers offer something the customer IS willing to pay for – and what we found has an MSP option, too! We found Kerio to be a well-established brand that has products suited to our market. They have easy to use, feature rich, and affordable solutions like Kerio Connect mail server that gives us Exchange Server features with even more flexibility and at a better price.


Kerio Connect mail server brings business-class e-mail, instant messaging, shared calendars, and contact management to most e-mail clients, IM clients, web browsers and mobile devices.


What makes Kerio Connect a great solution?


It does everything Exchange Server does, without the IT overhead.


Flexible deployment and administration:


  • It can be deployed on Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware, Parallels or Hyper-V
  • Already available as a virtual appliance for VMware (running on Linux)
  • Web based administration therefore accessible from anywhere
  • Free migration tools provided to migrate from Exchange Server and other environments


Flexible connectivity and support:


  • It has broader mobile device support
  • Sync public folders with mobile devices
  • Sync shared calendars and contacts with IOS devices
  • Instant messaging enables collaboration and real-time presence information


Lower licensing costs and hardware requirements:


  • Our calculations indicate Kerio is around 30% of the cost of an equivalent MS Exchange Server license – a 70% saving – and this isn’t taking into account the Operating System cost needed to run either system
  • Unlike MS Exchange Server, Kerio has the option to install as a pre-built virtual appliance or can be installed on Linux OS which removes that additional cost of the Operating System


Host your own Kerio Connect and provide E-mail as a Service to your customers:


  • Ability to install Kerio Connect under the Kerio SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing
  • A simple per user per month license model
  • Retain your customers and add another recurring revenue stream
  • Hosting it locally also means better e-mail performance and customer’s data stays in New Zealand


We encourage our partners to consider this alternative and here are a few ways you can find out more about Kerio Connect:



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